CEER-AIB-FSR event in the EU Sustainable Energy Week's  Extended Programme
"Gas consumers fuelling the energy transition: Their needs regarding the certification of renewable gases"

11 October 2021

Together with the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) and the Florence School of Regulation (FSR), CEER is holding an online EUSEW event on Monday, 11 October 2021 at 13:30 - 15:00 CET on the topic of "Gas consumers fuelling the energy transition: Their needs regarding the certification of renewable gases". The aim of the session is to increase clarity and debate on what gas consumers need from the gas certificate system design and how they can influence the energy transition through their consumption choices. 

To this end, the session assembles a wide range of perspectives and areas of expertise and many relevant stakeholders regarding the evolving guarantees of origin (GOs) for renewable gas including hydrogen. 

The panellists:

  • Liesbeth Switten: AIB, representing almost all European issuing bodies for GOs, provides insights on the current development of certification systems for renewable gases, what are the building blocks for issuing bodies and what are the challenges.
  • Alberto Pototschnig and Ilaria Conti: FSR has studied the potential extension of the GO system for gases with a view to ensure reaching the desired policy goals.
  • Harald Proidl (CEER/E-Control): The case study of the Austrian gas disclosure legislation gives inspiration and introduces thinking on the topic whereas the CEER perspective highlights the relevance of such legislation at a broader European level and within the wider context of the gas consumer’s role in the energy transition beyond GOs.
  • Alexandre Viviers: Sia Partners is an international consulting firm that annually publishes a benchmark study on the residential demand side for renewable and environmental gases in Europe and represents residential consumers in this debate.
  • Wei Cai: The market intelligence company Greenfact presents its analysis of the price drivers for certificates, including the differences between gas and electricity and speaks on behalf of corporate consumers in the debate.
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