CEER priorities for the Revision of Regulation 994/2010 concerning measures to safeguard security of gas supply
Ref. C16-SOS-09-03, 27 May 2016

This paper provides an outline of the views and suggestions by European national energy regulatory authorities (NRAs) as regards security of gas supply policy, where it interacts with the design and functioning of natural gas markets. It includes priorities for amendments to the European Commission’s proposal for a revised Security of Supply (SoS) Regulation, published on 16 February 2016

CEER response to the European Commission’s strategy for liquefied natural gas and gas storage
C16-GWG-129-04. 13 May 2016

This document summarises CEER's initial examination of the European Commission's LNG and Gas Storage Strategy and highlights areas where CEER aims to contribute to the implementation of the strategy.

CEER analysis on the role of LNG to improve SoS
C15-LNG-25-03, 3 February 2016

This document (C15-LNG-25-03) presents CEER’s analysis on the role of LNG to improve security of supply (SoS). This report investigates the potential contribution of LNG to EU SoS. In order to improve resilience to sudden disruptions in gas supplies, protect strategic infrastructure, and support the most vulnerable Member States, it is particularly relevant to consider the role of LNG markets in Emergency Plans, adopting market-based measures as primary actions to ensure security of supply wherever possible.

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