Calculation of Available Capacities
Ref. C06-CAP-06-03, 11 December 2007

On 15 June 2007, ERGEG launched a public consultation on Calculation of Available Capacities: Understanding and Issues – An ERGEG Public Consultation Paper [C06-CAP-06-03]. This public consultation focussed on the understanding of the various aspects of capacity calculation as a previous exercise before determining the need for and the issues to be potentially addressed by guidelines for capacity calculation.

On 12 December 2007, ERGEG published two documents resulting from the public consultation on capacity calculation: (i) An ERGEG Evaluation of Comments Paper, [C06-CAP-06-03.a]; and (ii) An ERGEG Conclusions Paper, [C06-CAP-06-03.b]. Findings from these papers show a general support to ERGEG’s approach to capacity calculation as common basis for developing guidelines. In light of these findings, ERGEG will in 2008 start working on drafting guidelines for good practice in the area of calculating available capacities.

Secondary Markets - the way to deal with contractual congestion on interconnection points - an ERGEG Conclusions paper
Ref. E07-GFG-22-14b, 18 October 2007

ERGEG has prepared a Conclusions paper assessing the results of its public consultation on secondary markets (E07-GFG-22-14b). ERGEG received 16 responses out of which 14 were non-confidential and two confidential. The list of respondents showed a good mix of different market participants across all steps in the gas value chain. Findings of this paper show that stakeholders: (i) broadly agree that improvements in secondary markets mechanisms are both necessary and possible all over the EU; (ii) support the establishment of a central platform for anonymous trading with bundled products; and (iii) believe that improving primary capacity markets is a prerequisite for a well functioning secondary market. In light of these findings, ERGEG has concluded that improvements are needed in : (i) the design of and facilitation by TSOs of secondary markets; and (ii) the overall utilization rate of primary capacity rights and the amount of recycled capacity put in the market.

Additional Transparency Monitoring Report
Ref. E07-TRA-02-03b, 9 October 2007

Following the publication of the Compliance with Transparency Requirements of Gas Regulation 1775/2005/EC - An ERGEG Monitoring Report, (E07-TRA-02-03), ERGEG has prepared the Additional Transparency Requirements – An ERGEG Monitoring Report(E07-TRA-02-03b) after a request by the European Commission to explain why compliance with the legally binding transparency provisions of the Gas Regulation were unsatisfactory. ERGEG’s additional monitoring confirms the findings of the first monitoring report and concludes that: (i) comprehensive and complete implementation of regulation 1775/2007/EC needs to be ensured by competent authorities in an effective manner; (ii) additional transparency requirements are needed to ensure fair TPA to LNG facilities, storage and interconnectors; (iii) Commission explanatory notes are not regarded as obligatory by most TSOs; (iv) current sanctions mechanisms are mostly ineffective. ERGEG’s 3rd Package paper 6 on Transparency (C07-SER-13-06-6-PD) proposed several amendments to the gas regulation 1775/2005/EC and made some recommendations beyond existing regulation on LNG, Storage and balancing.

Treatment of New Infrastructure
Ref. E07-TNI-01-04, 12 September 2007

ERGEG has been asked to submit to the Commission its view on Art. 22 EC/2003/55 and a possible change of the legal framework with respect to investment issues. This paper summarizes the results of ERGEG’s questionnaire on Art. 22 experience and on established and/or already applied criteria for dealing with Art. 22 applications.

Impact assessment for Guidelines for Good Practice for Gas Balancing
Ref. E07-GFG-27-03, 12 September 2007

This report assesses the potential impact of making the ERGEG Guidelines for Good Practice for Gas Balancing (E07-GFG-17-04) binding. The report notes that the quantitative impact of making the GGPGB binding cannot be assessed in a straightforward manner because the Guidelines are quite flexible and do not set out explicit requirements for change. However, where possible potential costs could be incurred these are not expected to be significant in relation to the benefits that would be realised from a more efficient, effective and consistent balancing mechanisms across the EU.

Gas Transmission Tariffs - An ERGEG Benchmarking Report
Ref. C06-GWG-31-05, 18 July 2007

This benchmark study compares transmission tariffs and balancing penalties of six European TSOs. Findings of this Report show that there are still large differences in tariffs and balancing penalties of transmission networks. The report underlines the lack of transparency in this area and notes that the differences may hamper trade across transmission networks.

Compliance with Transparency Requirements of Gas Regulation 1775/2005/EC
Ref. E07-TRA-02-03, 18 July 2007

This report monitors the transparency requirements outlined in Gas Regulation 1775/2005/EU using the 15 April 2007 as a cut-off date (where applicable) for 43 European TSOs. Overall compliance is unsatisfactory, and particularly so for contracted and available capacities and the historical flows. ERGEG’s view is that the existing transparency requirements in the Gas Regulation are not sufficient to facilitate the development of an efficient and effective market, and has advised the European Commission on the changes needed in the 3rd legislative package to allow improvements in transparency. See also the Annex to the Additional Report.

Open Season Procedures - ERGEG Guidelines
Ref. C06-GWG-29-05c, 21 May 2007
Here is the final ERGEG Guidelines for Good Practice on Open Season Procedures (GGPOS). The consultation paper and responses by stakeholders are also available in the Public Consulation section.

ERGEG Guidelines of Good Practice - Open Season Procedures (GGPOS)
Ref. C06-GWG-29-05c, May 2007

The Draft GGPOS were issued for public consultation in 2006. To view the consultation documents, please click here