PR-12-07 - ACER-CEER Annual Report on the Results of Monitoring the Internal Electricity and Natural Gas Markets in 2011
Progress made and challenges ahead for EU gas and electricity market integration reported by ACER/CEER (29 November 2012)

PR-12-06 - Joint Statement CEER-BEUC
EU regulators and European consumer organisation set out steps for a ‘customer first’ energy policy vision (13 November 2012)

Are energy consumer rights in place nationally? (9 November 2012)

European Commission congratulates energy regulators on their customer vision (21 June 2012)

Madrid Forum endorses the Gas Target Model (23 March 2012)

CEER and GLE’s collaboration results in a new transparency tool for improving access to European LNG terminals (23 March 2012)

CEER conference champions the customers' voice in the energy infrastructure and energy efficiency debate (25 January 2012)