C17-LNG-32-03, 1 December 2017
The main objective of this report is to identify barriers on LNG markets, regarding the services offered by the terminals and the tariffs applied, and suggest ways to overcome them. The report contains a preliminary outlook of LNG market at world and European level, looks specifically at the services provided by EU LNG terminals and the tariffs applied. The report points out the diversity and the great differences between terminals, whose services and tariffs have been established according to particular national circumstances and without a wider European gas market focus. CEER has identified some barriers, primarily related to: the lack of transparency in both, services and tariffs; the difficulties to understand the particular conditions of services at each terminal; the lack of services development and underline the differences between tariffs.
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Ref.: C17-SOS-16-04, 11 September 2017, updated on 27 March 2018
This note sets out CEER’s input for the solidarity guidance to be developed by the European Commission as provided in article 13 of the Revised Regulation of 1938/2017.

Ref.: C16-GST-25-03, 28 April 2017
Barriers for storage product development_Report This report presents a review of gas storage product availability in Europe and potential barriers to product development and innovation. It was launched following recent studies which emphasised the importance of product development and innovation for gas storage markets in Europe.
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