Ref: C19-MRM-99-02, 21 November 2019
The main objective of this CEER report on retail energy markets is to provide further analysis on some of the most important aspects of retail markets, allowing a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of their performance and evolution beyond that in the ACER-CEER Report. Major topics covered include:
• Market Structure: Numbers of suppliers; entry/exit activity; market concentration;
• Customer Switching Activity: switching between suppliers and to different contracts in the same supplier; analysis of the types of offers available (including bundled offers);
• Intervention in price setting and a look at price regulation in Europe as well as roadmaps for price deregulation in selected countries.
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Ref: C18-RMR-01-03, 30 October 2019
This Status Report reviews national regulatory authorities’ (NRAs’) use the framework developed by CEER in its Roadmap to 2025 Well-Functioning Retail Energy Markets. NRAs have used 25 metrics developed in CEER’s 2017 Handbook for National Energy Regulators and performed a self-assessment so that, using these metrics, NRAs can assess the health of their own retail energy markets and identify gaps between the current state of the market and where they want to be. By identifying these gaps, NRAs can target improvements and seek ways to achieve those improvements.
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Ref: C19-CEM-120-03, 7 August 2019
This CEER report provides case studies on already-existing national solutions regarding the empowerment of consumer rights in the Directive. The seven case studies address issues that arise throughout the consumer’s energy “life cycle”, beginning with pre-contractual information to contracting and billing to switching suppliers.

Ref: C19-IRM-16-04, 22 July 2019
This CEER report seeks to contribute to a heightened awareness and understanding of the new provisions adopted in the recast Electricity Directive, with a view to facilitating their implementation and application by NRAs, policy-makers, market actors and consumers. The report focuses on three topics in the Directive: lessons learnt relating to on-demand smart meter roll-outs, dynamic prices and data exchange and interoperability.
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