CEER’s Input on the EU Strategy for Smart Sector Integration

19 May 2020

Today, CEER publishes its response to the European Commission’s request for input from all stakeholders and EU citizens on the EU Strategy on Smart Sector Integration. In this request for input for their strategy, the European Commission posed a series of specific questions that stakeholders/citizens could respond to.

CEER responded to these questions taking material from relevant CEER papers, and the document references each of those papers so that interested readers can go further than the material presented in this document.

Among the topics covered by CEER in this response are:
• Important features of an integrated energy system
• The role of whole system approach, particularly for network operators
• Important barriers/challenges to energy system integration
• Consumer welfare issues in the context of closer interlinkages between sectors
• The role of renewable gases and their promotion
• The role of hydrogen and the blending of hydrogen in gas networks
• Innovative tariff design’s role in a more-integrated energy system
• How digitalisation can contribute to a more integrated, productive and efficient energy system
• Relevant specific policy recommendations from recent CEER papers

Please read the full document here.



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