19. Sep


  •  19. September 2017 -19. September 2017
  •  09:00 ‐ 17:00
  •  Rue Vautier 29, 1000 Bruxelles (Museum of Natural Sciences)
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The CEER Annual Conference (19 September) "Powering Towards Clean Energy in Europe" is an occasion to openly discuss the Clean Energy package at a key stage of the legislative negotiations. The conference focuses on three elements of the Clean Energy proposals:

- empowering consumers in wholesale and retail markets;
- market design, renewables and local energy communities; and
- the changing role of Distribution System Operators (DSOs).

Our series of (12) Clean Energy Regulatory White Papers (some joint ACER-CEER, others CEER-only) outline regulators' positions on the Clean Energy legislative proposals.


Lord Mogg Introduction

Patricia de Suzzoni-Empowering consumers in retail and wholesale markets

Garrett Blaney-DSO presentation for CEER 2017 Annual Conference

Mr Alberto Pototschnig-The Scale of the Flexibility Challenge

ndo Hernandez-Integrating Renewables into the Market