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CEER Training for Regulators

CEER-FSR Joint Training Course on Introduction to Fundamentals of Energy Regulation (6-10 March 2017). Registration is open until 13 February 2017.

CEER Commissioner-Level Seminar on Managing European and National Agendas on Energy Regulation (29-30 March 2017). Registration is open until 15 March 2017.

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Highlights videos of ACER-CEER 2017 Conference

Highlights of ACER-CEER 2017 Conference

CEER Work Programme 2017

ACER-CEER Market Monitoring Report 2015

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CEER 6th Benchmarking Report on the Quality of Electricity and Gas Supply

What's new on CEER

PC on Incentives Schemes for regulating DSO CEER Public Consultation on Incentives Schemes for regulating DSOs is now open. Deadline is Friday, 12 May 2017.
Customers CEER has published 2017 Handbook for National Energy Regulators - How to assess retail market functioning?
NEWSLETTERS CEER February Newsletter highlights: 2 new CEER reports on investment conditions and guidelines on distribution tariffs.
Cross-Sectoral CEER has published its Report on Investment Conditions in European Countries in 2016
NEWSLETTERS January Newsletter highlights: ACER-CEER conference on the New Energy Market Design (23-24 Jan); CEER 2017 Work Programme

The ICER Chronicle - 6th edition- has been published. It includes articles with a focus on international energy regulation.

CEER publishes its Work Programme for 2017. Key priorities remain Consumers, distribution system operators and new legislation developments.
NEWSLETTERS December's Newsletter highlights CEER's report on Safeguarding the independence of Europe’s energy regulators
Cross-Sectoral CEER publishes its Review of Current and Future Data Management Models

Press Release: The truth about the independence of Europe’s energy regulatory authorities

CEER welcomes Bosnia and Herzegovina as an Observer
ACER-CEER Conference 2017 Events: Registration open for the Joint ACER-CEER Conference: Towards a future-proofed EU Energy Market Design (23-24 January 2017

Press release: Europe’s Energy Regulators welcome the Commission’s “Clean Energy for All Europeans” proposals
NEWSLETTERS November Newsletter features the ACER-CEER Market Monitoring Report which provides an evidence base for the European Commission’s Winter Package reforms
Comparison Tools 2016 CEER consults on Guidelines of Good Practice on Comparison Tools in the new Energy Market Design
OPEN PUBLIC CONSULTATIONS CEER consults on Electrical Power Losses (Deadline 16 December 2016)

Press release: Gas consumers finally start to benefit from lower wholesale energy prices (Market Monitoring Report 2016)

Press release: Moldova joins the Council of European Energy Regulators


Save the Date: ACER-CEER Conference: "The New Energy Market Design – Achieving the Energy Union". 23-24 January 2017 in Brussels.
NEWSLETTERS CEER Newsletter highlights: Publication of CEER’s Benchmarking Report on the Quality of Energy Supply and ACER-CEER Market Monitoring Report launch event (9 November)
ACER-CEER MMR 2016 Register for the launch event of the latest Market Monitoring Report on the internal electricity and natural gas markets, 9 November 2016, CEER Premises

CEER presents to the Madrid Forum (6-7 October, 2016) initial findings on removing barriers to LNG and gas storage innovation
Cross-Sectoral CEER Publishes its 6th Benchmarking Report on the Quality of Electricity and Gas Supply
ACER-CEER MMR 2016 Save the date! ACER-CEER Annual report on the results of monitoring the internal electricity and natural gas markets Launch event - 9 November 2016 (10.00-12.30) at CEER Brussels
JOBS Jobs: CEER is seeking a High level Administrator for its Brussels-based Secretariat
Cross-Sectoral CEER publishes its Position Paper on the Future DSO and TSO Relationship
NEWSLETTERS September Newsletter highlights:CEER position paper on renewable energy self-generation

PR-16-04: Wholesale gas prices continue to fall in the EU but electricity prices end their decreasing trend in some countries
Electricity CEER publishes its Position Paper on Renewable Self-Consumption
CEER Workshop on Power Losses Events: Registration now open for the CEER Workshop on Power Losses held on 6 October at CEER Brussels
CEER LNG Workshop 2016 Events: Registration open for the CEER Workshop on Removing LNG barriers on gas markets held in Athens on 12 September 2016 (09:45-16:00)
CEER Workshop on Security of Supply Events: Registration open for the CEER Workshop on Security of Supply held in CEER on 5 September 2016 (12:30 to 16:30)
NEWSLETTERS CEER July/August newsletter highlights: CEER's Partnership on the Enforcement of Energy Rights (PEER) initiative; ICER Chronicle is out! Articles on reliability, data exchanges, Regulatory Impact Assessments
Draft Handbook retail market metrics CEER consults on its draft Handbook on harmonised definitions of retail market metrics
Customers CEER publishes report on commercial barriers to supplier swtiching
OPEN PUBLIC CONSULTATIONS CEER consults on its activities for 2017. Online public consultation is open until 31 July

Call for articles and Women in Energy stories for 6th Edition of the ICER Chronicle has been launched by ICER.

ICER Chronicle 5th edition has been released. Enjoy reading it!
NEWSLETTERS June Newsletter highlights 2016 CEER Customer Conference
ENERGY CUSTOMERS 2016 Vice President Sefcovic to open CEER 2016 Customer Conference.
Gas CEER priorities for the Revision of Regulation 994/2010 concerning measures to safeguard security of gas supply
NEWSLETTERS May newsletter highlights: early termination fees; LNG and storage; and flexible response

CEER Position paper on early termination fees
Gas CEER response to the European Commission’s strategy for LNG and gas storage

Registrations open for CEER, ENTSO-E, EDSO for Smart Grids, the SEDC and IDEAS workshop on Engaged customers driving the energy transition at EU SEW conference on 16 June 2016 in Brussels
Electricity CEER has published its discussion paper on scoping of flexible response
12th EU-US Roundtable EU-US energy regulators' roundtable focuses on the new energy system
NEWSLETTERS April's newsletter features the CEER report on Removing Barriers to Entry for Suppliers in Retail Energy Market
Cross-Sectoral CEER has published its Status Reviews on the Implementation of DSOs and TSOs Unbundling Provisions of the 3rd Energy Package
Customers CEER has published its Benchmarking report on removing barriers to entry for energy suppliers in EU retail energy markets
NEWSLETTERS March 2016 Newsletter features the CEER report on investment conditions
Cross-Sectoral CEER publishes its report on investment conditions for investing in electricity and gas networks in European countries in 2015

London Forum: CEER calls for competitive markets with active consumers to deliver the “New Deal” for Europe’s energy consumers

CEER Presentation at the London Forum on the Roles of DSOs in facilitating consumers' market participation
NEWSLETTERS February newsletter highlights CEER 2016 Conference on Security of Supply and CEER's new report on RES
Gas CEER has published CEER Analysis on the Role of LNG to Improve Security of Supply

CEER has published its response to the European Commission's Public Consultation on the review of the EED
Electricity CEER has published the report on "Key support elements of RES: moving towards market integration"

PR: Regulators see competitive markets as key to safeguarding Europe’s security of supply
NEWSLETTERS January Newsletter features a busy year ahead – CEER’s 2016 Work Programme

CEER's 2016 Work Programme key priorities are Consumers, distribution networks and new legislation

PR: Energy regulators play key role in protecting energy market trading from abuse

December newsletter highlights Market Monitoring Report, national country reports and the 4th edition of the ICER Chronicle
CEER CONFERENCE 2016 Register now for CEER's 2016 Annual Conference (26 January 2016)

Joint ACER/CEER Annual Report on the Results of Monitoring the Internal Electricity and Natural Gas Markets in 2014 has been published

PR: Fall in wholesale energy prices still not reflected at retail level

PR: CEER welcomes Kosovo as an Observer
NEWSLETTERS November newsletter features Designing a fit-for-purpose market for Europe
ACER-CEER MMR 2015 Registration open for the joint ACER-CEER Market Monitoring Launch Event on 30/11 in Brussels