CEER Paper on Cybersecurity in the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package

4 June 2020

Today, CEER publishes its Paper on Cybersecurity in the Clean Energy Package. This document details to what extent cybersecurity topics are developed in the legal acts that constitute the Clean Energy Package (CEP). The CEP lays down, amongst many other topics, provisions on cybersecurity for electricity. It tackles cybersecurity for smart meters, the obligation(s), especially of System Operators (SO), to take adequate cybersecurity measures into consideration when performing their duties and in providing their services. As we are in an era where classic physical networks of grid operators are ever more integrated with information flows and information technologies, it is of utmost importance that energy markets and all their actors are prepared to deal with any security breach.

This document illustrates the legal and regulatory framework that actors in the energy markets should take into consideration; it does not make any claim to be exhaustive and complete but should be understood as a list of minimum standards and guidelines that Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and Distribution System Operators (DSOs) must become familiar with in the near future in order to operate in a market that embeds more and more aspects of digitalisation.

The CEER document also analyses the status of implementation and the roles of the involved stakeholders in respect to those topics with a special focus on national regulatory authorities (NRAs) and CEER.

Please read the full paper here.



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