CC: Liaison Officers, CS WS

Cybersecurity Work Stream

Cybersecurity is becoming more and more important to the energy system. For several years, CEER has its Cybersecurity Work Stream (CS WS) under the Distribution Systems Working Group. However, the WS is not only limited to topics within the distribution network but rather covers cybersecurity in the energy sector as a whole.

The CS WS recently finalised a public paper on cybersecurity in the Clean Energy Package and an internal factsheet on M441 and M490 standardisation mandates (to be uploaded and published soon).

Another deliverable for 2020 is the internal factsheet about cybersecurity certification and other tasks for the WS are to discuss ongoing cybersecurity challenges/activities (e.g. the network code) and to provide CEER support to external expert groups, e.g. the Commissions’ Expert Group 2.

To make the most of the CS WS and to have all CEER NRA cyber experts gathered in the CS WS, you are kindly requested to update the CS WS mailing list, or to consider to add relevant colleagues.

Please note that the CS WS mailing list is only visible for members/observers of the DS WG and to Liaison Officers. For any changes to the mailing list, please contact your Liaison Officer.

The next CS WS meeting will take place on Friday 24 April, all new members are invited to join that virtual meeting.

Contact for questions: