CEER Paper on Regulatory Issues Related to the “Delta In-Out” in Distribution Systems

15 July 2020

Today, CEER publishes its Paper on Regulatory Issues Related to the ‘Delta In-Out’ in Distribution Systems, which aims to reach a more in-depth knowledge of the Δin-out problem by creating a common understanding at the European level, despite possible different features of distribution networks.  The Delta In-Out represents a difference observed when comparing the measurements at the intake points with the sum of downstream measurements of final customers off-take points, within a given period.

This paper explains the Delta In-Out problem and its implications for the gas market via a theoretical approach and empirical observations obtained through a survey answered by 19 national regulatory authorities regarding their respective countries. Furthermore, it also contains a proposal for a minimum set of data that should be reported during Δin-out analysis.

Please read the full paper here.



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