Customers and Retail Markets Working Group (CRM)

The Customers and Retail Markets Working Group (CRM WG) is dedicated to putting the interests of consumers first by promoting customer empowerment and retail market functioning, in order to facilitate the development of competition in the energy consumers’ interests.

The CRM WG has four work streams and CEER's PEER initiative is also attached to the CRM WG:

Monitoring Consumer Empowerment Work Stream (MCE WS) works primarily on drafting the Consumer Protection and Empowerment chapter of the annual ACER-CEER Market Monitoring Report.

Innovation and Retail Markets Work Stream (IRM WS) works on retail markets with respect to smart metering, monitoring, new technologies and market design for both electricity and gas markets. This WS focuses on how to empower the energy customer by enhancing competition among stakeholders and increasing the level of choice for customers through designing robust market processes and metering services.

Customer Empowerment Work Stream (CEM WS) works on retail market issues such as billing, complaint handling, alternative dispute resolution, comparison tools, protecting vulnerable energy customers, etc.

Monitoring Retail Markets Work Stream (MRM WS) works on drafting the CEER-only Retail Market Monitoring Report. This WS is also responsible for CEER's national indicators database.

PEER: The Partnership for the Enforcement of European Rights (PEER) is an initiative, led by Europe’s energy regulators, to improve the enforcement of the European consumers’ rights through enhanced inter-authority cooperation at EU level. PEER brings together interested authorities responsible for protecting and/or supporting Europe’s consumers across a range of sectors including consumer protection authorities; data protection authorities; consumer bodies; ombudsmen; competition authorities; and sectoral (e.g. energy, telecommunications, financial) regulatory authorities.