Customers and Retail Markets Working Group (CRM)

In 2019, monitoring consumer protection and competitive retail markets will continue to be a major focus of CEER Customers and Retail Markets Working Group (CRM WG), with an emphasis on enabling consumers to engage more effectively in energy markets and energy regulation issues.
In particular, we will examine:

  • progress toward achieving well-functioning retail energy markets in 2025 (Roadmap to 2025 for Well-Functioning Retail Energy Markets – new Status Review).
  • new developments and trends on consumer empowerment and protection in European energy markets (joint ACER/CEER Market Monitoring Report).
  • the monitoring of retail markets based on CEER National Indicators (Retail Market Monitoring report).
  • dynamic price implementation (Recommendations).
  • bundled products in the framework of CEER's PEER initiative (Bundled Products Conclusions Paper).

The CRM WG has five work streams:

1.    Monitoring Consumer Empowerment Work Stream (MCE WS).

2.    Innovation and Retail Markets Work Stream (IRM WS).

3.    Customer Empowerment Work Stream (CEM WS).

4.    Monitoring Retail Markets Work Stream (MRM WS).

5.    Retail Market Roadmap Work Stream (RMR WS).