Distribution Systems Working Group (DS)

Examining the changing role of distribution networks in anticipation of current retail and wholesale market developments will continue to be a priority for the Distribution Systems Working Group (DS WG). Via this WG, CEER will review the way in which distribution networks are regulated, given current developments in market design and the use of the networks (distributed generation, demand response, integration of renewables, etc.). This includes examining good practices on incentives schemes for DSOs, including for innovation, as well as how the use of flexibility affects distribution systems.

The DS WG has three work streams, though much of its work is done via small project teams:

Energy Quality of Supply Work Stream (EQS WS) has the primary responsibility for CEER's benchmarking reports. This WS also works on topics such as network losses.

Smart Grids Coordination Work Stream (SGC WS) looks at topics of growing importance related to smart grids, such as flexibility. It also coordinates its work with the European Commission's Smart Grids Task Force.

Cyber Security Work Stream (CS WS) reviews issues related to cyber security, both for NRAs themselves, as well as for Europe's electricity and gas systems.