Distribution Systems Working Group (DS WG)

The Distribution Working Group is focusing on the distribution level of the electricity and gas sector and will continue to examine current and upcoming challenges. Some of the planned actions and deliverables are:

• several short papers on electricity distribution network tariffs, stranded assets and the whole system approach are planned to be published;
• several public workshops are planned, one on network planning and coordination and another one on data accessibility. Another workshop on regulatory sandboxes is planned for 2021;
• the publication of the 7th Benchmarking Report on Quality of Electricity and Gas Supply, updating the 6th benchmark published in 2016, is scheduled for his year;
• a report on the cybersecurity provisions of the clean energy package is planned to be published early 2020; and
• together with the CRM WG, work on innovative business models and consumer protection challenges.

DS has two work streams, though much of its work is done via small project teams:

Energy Quality of Supply (EQS); and
Cybersecurity (CS).