Electricity Working Group (EWG)

In 2020, the Electricity Working Group (EWG) will again report on the implemented regulatory regimes in Europe for energy networks in European countries as part of the CEER annual report on (Regulatory Frameworks Report of European Energy Networks). As it covers both the electricity and gas sector, the report is drafted in cooperation with the CEER Gas Working Group. The 2019 edition of this report is published here.

The CEER RES Status Review will also be updated. It reports on the support schemes for electricity from renewable energy sources (RES), by technology and type of instrument. The previous RES Status Review is published here.

An update of the Report on Tendering Procedures for RES in Europe is also planned. This report presents an analysis of national experiences with tenders for renewable support schemes in Europe. The previous report is published here.

EWG has four work streams:

Renewables (RES): responsible for issues related to renewable energy;
Future Policy (FP): responsible for market design issues and related policy initiatives;
Incentives Regulation and Efficiency Benchmarking (IRB): responsible for issues related to incentives regulation, investment conditions and TSO efficiency benchmarking; and
Infrastructure (INF): responsible for infrastructure and network planning issues.