Gas Working Group (GWG WG)

In 2022, the Gas Working Group is responsible for addressing issues related to the European gas transmission systems and the EU gas market. The GWG cooperates closely with the European Commission, ENTSOG, GSE, GLE, GIE, Eurogas and others. Furthermore, the GWG cooperates with the other CEER WGs on a range of issues.

The work to be delivered in 2022 includes the following:

  • Accompanying the Hydrogen and Gas Market Decarbonisation Package along the legislative process;
  • A stakeholder workshop on long-term energy storage;
  • A report on gas infrastructure repurposing (costs and planning); and
  • A paper on the role of LNG in the new energy market.

GWG has four work streams:

Regulatory Gas Strategy (RGS)
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
Gas Decarbonisation Legislation (GDL)
Gas Infrastructure (GI)

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