Gas Working Group (GWG)

In 2019, the main focus of the CEER Gas Working Group (GWG) is the follow up to our extensive work on the Future Role of Gas Study, and on new EU gas related legislation. We will examine the

  • future sustainable gas sector (CEERs public consultation on sustainable gas addresses regulatory challenges including tariffs; the role of DSOs/TSOs in new products (e.g. power to gas); infrastructure planning; decommissioning; guarantees of origin; and the Gas Target Model (GTM)
  • role of regulation in innovative regulation on in the gas sector;
  • role of gas networks and the interaction between gas and electricity networks as the energy system moves towards decarbonisation.

GWG has four work streams:

  • Regulatory Gas Strategy (RGS)
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
  • New Gas Legislation (NGL)
  • Gas Settlement (GS)