AHAG - expert group

Overview of the Ad Hoc Advisory Group of Stakeholders - AHAG

At the European Electricity Regulatory (Florence) Forum that took place on 10th and 11th December 2009 in Rome, it was announced that ERGEG will set up an Ad Hoc Advisory Group of Stakeholders (AHAG) to advise ERGEG in the development of a draft framework guideline on capacity allocation and congestion management.  Furthermore, AHAG will monitor and coordinate the development projects that will be launched to carry forward the Project Coordination Group's (PCG) propositions on the target model for congestion management. This monitoring and coordinating duty will ensure a good flow of information between the projects and the work on the draft framework guideline on capacity allocation and congestion management. As stated in the Forum conclusions, such projects would include work in the following areas: 1) capacity calculation; 2) intraday trade; and 3) governance framework for day-ahead market coupling.

AHAG is composed of representatives from European level energy stakeholder organisations which have been regularly involved in the European Commission's Florence Forum, as well as ERGEG and the European Commission:

  • CEDEC: European Federation of Local Energy Companies
  • CEFIC: European Chemical Industry Council
  • EFET: European Federation of Energy Traders
  • ENTSO-E: European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity
  • EURELECTRIC: Union of the Electricity Industry
  • EuroPEX: Association of European Power Exchanges
  • GEODE: European independent distribution companies of gas and electricity
  • IFIEC: International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers

 Terms of Reference have been agreed within the group for AHAG as well as the three projects listed above.

AHAG - Terms of Reference

Capacity Calculation project - Terms of Reference

Intraday project - Terms of Reference

Day-ahead Governance - Terms of Reference