Overview of pilot on electricity grid connection framework guidelines

The 16th Florence Forum outlined the essential elements of the Third Legislative Package for the European Energy Market and made suggestions on how to efficiently use the interim period in order to pave the path for the implementation. In particular, the Electricity Pilot Project to prepare the Framework Guidelines and the related network codes was discussed.

The Forum welcomed the idea of a Pilot Project and agreed that the Framework Guidelines for Grid Connection is a suitable topic for the Pilot Project. 

European Energy Regulators have now started the work on the Electricity Pilot Project and encourage all stakeholders to contribute actively to the progress of work and to provide their ideas and feedback at any time.  The European Commission, European Energy Regulators and ENTSO-E will monitor the process closely to ensure the progress, identify areas for improvement and the timely achievement of deliverables.

Pilot - Electricity Grid Connection

Project description

Final ERGEG Pilot Framework Guidelines on Electricity Grid Connection
Ref. E10-ENM-18-04, 7 December 2010
To view the consultation documents, please click here

The goal of an electricity grid connection regime is to request the establishment of objective, transparent, efficient and non-discriminatory rules, procedures and regulations governing the connection of system users in each Member State.

The common grid connection regime in the EU should establish an appropriate minimum degree of standardisation necessary to ensure equitable treatment in the connection of power plants generators and consumers to the extent that these rules may impact on cross-border system security and trade. Therefore, a grid connection regime should clearly identify and explain those areas where further harmonisation of rules in different Member States is necessary. Where variation may be required for different technologies or to reflect specific regional technical needs, this should also be identified and explained. At least the existing standards of security and quality of supply should be maintained.

The EU grid connection regime should support the attainment of European policy objectives to promote the completion and functioning of the internal market in electricity and cross-border trade and to ensure optimal management, coordinated operation and sound technical evolution of the European electricity transmission network.

Project Plan

The first figure shows the project plan for the development of the draft pilot Framework Guideline on Grid Connection for Public Consultation for the period November 2009 – April 2010 including the Initial Impact Assessment.

The second figure below shows the steps for the public consultation and finalization of the draft pilot Framework Guidelines for Grid Connection. After the public consultation the draft pilot Framework Guideline will be revised accordingly as the finalized Framework Guideline for Grid Connection. When this work is completed, ENTSOE will draft the network code (for wind generation) based on the final Framework Guideline.

Process for Pilot Framework Guideline - overview figure


Preliminary Exchange of views with ENTSOE

Brussels, 31 August 2009 and 25 September 2009

Status and next steps

Final ERGEG Pilot Framework Guidelines on Electricity Grid Connection
Ref. E10-ENM-18-04, 7 December 2010
Pilot FG on Elec. Grid Connection The draft proposal and an accompanying initial impact assessment are available under the public consultation section of the website.

Deadline for responses: 24 September 2010

For an overview of the work ERGEG has done in this area and process behind the Electricity Pilot Project for the Framework Guideline on Grid Connection, please consult:

ERGEG GGP for Grid Connection and Access – public consultation document (E08-ENM-09-03), 11 March 2009

Next meetings:
04.11.2009, Brussels, 1st ad hoc expert group meeting


Fay Geitona
Secretary General
28 rue Le Titien
B-1000 Bruxelles

or the ERGEG pilot project team: fg_pilot_electricity@ergeg.org