Ad hoc Expert Group

Overview of pilot on gas capacity allocation mechanism expert group

Following the 15 September 2009 publication of an open letter inviting candidates for an ad hoc expert group on gas capacity allocation, ERGEG appointed 11 members, as part of the process for the development of framework guidelines. This ad hoc expert group will participate in the 'pilot' exercise to test the process as set out in the 3rd Package legislation.

The terms of reference for the expert group on capacity allocation mechanisms, with specific expertise criteria for the experts, are provided in Annex 1 of the open letter.

The Expert Group members are:

Bernard Chassin
Francis Bretnacher
Friedrich von Buchard
Dirk-Christof Studemann
Daniel Melzani
Mike Young
Andrew Pearce

Steinar Solheim

Andrzej J. Osiadacz

System operators:
Pál Buday
Frank Roessler