Overview of draft framework guideline on gas balancing

The European energy regulators have consulted market participants on the importance and priorities according to which the areas listed in Art 2 (c) of Regulation No (EC) 715/2009 shall be tackled from which gas balancing emerged as a priority.

As announced in the 17th Madrid Forum European energy regulators ERGEG will present its draft framework guideline on balancing to the 18th Madrid Forum. ERGEG's existing GGP-GB and the KEMA study on methodologies for gas transmission network tariffs and gas balancing fees in Europe will be taken as a starting point for this work. Close cooperation with ENTSOG and all other stakeholders is needed to discuss and exchange views on the best design of the framework guideline. 

Project Description

Final ERGEG Framework Guideline on Gas Balancing in Transmission Systems
Ref. E10-GNM-13-03, 10 March 2011
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The goal of the framework guideline on gas balancing is toset out clear and objective principles for the development of network codes by ENTSOG, which in turn should seek to put procedures in place that will enhance European market integration and introduce market-based balancing regimes.

The framework guideline was developed by ERGEG with input from an Ad Hoc Expert Group on gas balancing, and is subject to public consultation and a public workshop in autumn 2010. The framework guideline will seek to set out priority areas and propose ways in which these priority areas can be addressed.

ERGEG will present its draft framework guideline on gas balancing to the 18th Madrid Forum in September 2010.

European Commission letter inviting ERGEG to work on gas balancing framework guideline

Project Plan


ERGEG and EC meeting (17 Novembet 2010)

ERGEG meeting with ENTSOG (19 January 2011)

ERGEG meeting with Eurogas and EFET (19 January 2011)

Meeting with Eurogas

Status and next steps

The draft framework guideline on gas balancing was now under public consultation until 28 October 2010.
Following the public consultation period, ERGEG has published all comments received from stakeholders.  The outcome of the public consultation was taken into account when preparing the final framework guideline proposals.

The workshop on the draft framework guideline was held on12 October 2010 in Brussels.

At the beginning of February 2011, ERGEG requested for an extension of the deadline for delivering the final framework guideline.

Letter to the Commission requesting an extension to the deadline


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