The first CEER-MEDREG Roundtable was an important occasion to host a high level debate on regulatory challenges in European and Mediterranean energy markets and discuss the development of infrastructural investments in the energy sector of the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Representatives of regulatory authorities, as well as delegates of industry and financial institutions gave their contribution to the discussion.

Joint CEER-MEDREG Press Release

CEER-MEDREG roundtable lays the foundations for further energy regulatory cooperation (20 November 2013)

Meeting documents


Participants List

Opening Remarks by Lord Mogg

RCREEE -Emtairah

CREG, Algeria - Bouali

HERA, Croatia - Jurekovic

BNetzA, Germany - Horstmann

OME - Abaach

RAE, Greece - Sardi

CER, Ireland - Blaney

Med-TSO, ENTSO-E - Bornard

Societe Generale - Ponti