Joint CEER-MEDREG Press Release



Press Release (PR-13-06)

Joint CEER-MEDREG Press Release: CEER-MEDREG roundtable lays the foundations for further energy regulatory cooperation

Grasse, France, 20 November 2013

MEDREG1, the energy regulators of Mediterranean countries, and CEER2, the European energy regulators. held yesterday a joint round-table3 in Grasse (France).

It was an important occasion to host a high level debate on regulatory challenges in European and Mediterranean energy markets and discuss the requirement for attracting infrastructural investments in the energy sector of the Euro-Mediterranean region. Representatives of regulatory authorities, as well as delegates of industry and financial institutions gave their contributions to the discussion.

Renewables and the particular challenges of small and non-integrated areas featured high in the discussion. There was also a dedicated session on the role played by regulation to favour investments, including a banker’s perspective of the expectations from financial institutions on necessary regulatory conditions to promote investments in the area.

This roundtable marked the many elements of cooperation existing between the energy regulators of European and Mediterranean countries. It was also a valuable Women in Energy networking opportunity4.

MEDREG and CEER agreed to reinforce bilateral cooperation on common areas of interests. MEDREG and CEER Working Groups will develop technical projects to strengthen the exchange of know-how and good practices. CEER’s next major benchmarking exercise of the quality of electricity supply will be enlarged to include a dedicated chapter on MEDREG countries.

Highlighting the importance of the beginnings of this bilateral cooperation between the two energy regulatory associations, CEER President, Lord Mogg5 said:

“From my very positive experience over many years of cooperation with energy regulators from different regions of the world, CEER places a high value on today’s inaugural joint CEER-MEDREG roundtable. What is clear is that regulators face similar issues and challenges. Dialogue and learning about policy and regulatory developments around the world can lead to the sharing of best regulatory practice at global level”.

MEDREG President, Michel Thiollière6, affirmed:

“The involvement of European energy regulators, together with the continuous support provided by the European Union, are essential conditions for the success of MEDREG as a consolidated organization for regional cooperation, capable of maintaining a constant dialogue with all the actors of the energy sector. CEER has been a key promoter of MEDREG in its starting phase. Today, it continues to represent a positive institutional model for our Mediterranean Association.”

The MEDREG GA meeting has been the occasion to welcome the signing of a three-year strategic financing contract with the European Commission (MEDREG III) for 2013-2016, and confirming the EU support after two previous contracts covering the periods 2008-2009 and 2010-2012. The GA approved the new institutional framework of the Association, including updated statutes and internal rules, and reviewed the current state of activities of MEDREG Working Groups/Task Forces and the development of external relation and cooperation. In particular, the accent was further made on the exchange of experience and good practice among regulators through the development of capacity-building activities.


Notes for Editors:

1. MEDREG is an Association that brings together energy regulators of 21 countries around the Mediterranean in order to promote a clear, stable and harmonized regulatory framework through a continuous cooperation among the Northern, Southern and Eastern shores of the Mediterranean basin. As a confirmation of the importance of the initiative, on 1st October 2013, the European Commission has signed a new three-year service contract to support MEDREG activities over the 2013-2016 period. Visit

2. The Council of European Energy Regulatory (CEER) is the voice of Europe’s national energy regulators. Its members and observers, from 32 European countries, are the independent statutory bodies responsible for energy regulation at national level. Visit

3. The agenda and presentation of the workshop can be found here.  A short publication that summarizes the main messages and conclusions of the workshop, and continues the dialogue with other stakeholders will also be available shortly on the MEDREG website.

4. On 15 October 2013, CEER, MEDREG and 9 other regional associations of energy regulators around the world launched the ICER Women in Energy initiative The goal of this global initiative of energy regulators is to help the advancement of women in energy, through practical tools such as women networking events, a pilot e-mentoring programme and a collaborative network for the benefit of women. Visit

5. Lord Mogg is President of the Council of European Energy Regulators. At international level, he chairs the International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER). ICER brings together 11 regional energy regulatory associations (including CEER and MEDREG), representing over 200 energy regulatory authorities and spanning 6 continents.

6. Michel Thiollière is also Vice-President of CEER.


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