3rd Eastern Partnership Workshop

London, 27-28 May 2014




List of Participants

Workshop Documents

Birtned Interconnector Presentation (Field Trip)

Building Markets through Good Governance (ACER)

Electricity Market Armenia (Russian)

Electricity Market Azerbaijan (Russian)

Electricity Market Belarus

Electricity Market Georgia

Electricity Market Moldova

Electricity Markets in the Eastern Partner Countries (INOGATE)

Electricity Market Ukraine (Russian)

Energy Community Approach to Cross Border Electricity Markets and Potential Blueprints for Eastern Partners (ECRB)

EU Electricity Market and Role of Cooperation (Ofgem)

EU Outlook on Integrating 3rd Countries in to the Internal Electricity Market (European Commission)

Snapshot Market Integration in Central-East Europe (E-Control Austria)

Snapshot Market Integration in Central-South Europe (AEEGSI)