Ref: C18-IRB-38-03, 18 January 2019
This CEER report provides an overview of European energy (electricity and gas) network regulatory regimes in 2018, including required efficiency developments, analyses of the costs of capital, and regulatory asset base and depreciation methodologies.

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Ref. C18-BM-124-04, 9 January 2019
Following earlier public consultation, this 3D Strategy drives CEER’s activities and deliverables over the 3 years to end 2021. The core elements of CEER’s 3D Strategy are:
- Digitalisation in the consumer interest (D1);
- Decarbonisation at least cost (D2); and
- Dynamic regulation: European solutions for adaptive regulation in a fast-changing world (D3).

Furthermore, the 3D Strategy includes a set of agreed values - Cooperation, Evidence, Expertise, Respect - which will inform CEER’s culture, behaviour and outputs, in the interests of European energy consumers.

Alongside the 3D Strategy, CEER has published its related 2019 Work Programme which is uploaded here, please click here

CEER has also published the Evaluation of Responses document, which accompanies the CEER 3D Strategy and 2019 Work Programme and provides CEER’s considered reaction to stakeholders' comments on the earlier public consultation. This document can be found here, please click here