April 2015

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  Issue: April 2015

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As well as consulting and involving stakeholders in our work, for its part CEER also actively contributes regulators’ collective expertise to energy-related proposals of the European Institutions and others. While no new CEER public consultations were launched this month, we have been active in responding to 4 consultations: the European Commission’s consultation on the gas security of supply regulation; the MEDREG consultation on how to revive energy infrastructure investments in the Mediterranean region; the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) consultation on financial market legislations (MiFID II / MiFIR), and the Energy Community’s consultation on the Future of the Energy Community. 

In March we held 3 workshops: one on Distribution System Operators (DSOs); another on LNG to improve regional security of supply; and the Eastern Partnership workshop in Moldova (which was co-hosted with the European Commission). For details, see the events section of our website. Also, a regulatory roundtable with Latin American regulators (the 5th ARIAE-CEER roundtable) took place in Madrid.

The feature article (below) previews CEER’s presentations for the Madrid Forum (20-21 April) on security of supply and gas storage.

The event not to be missed is the 6th World Forum on Energy Regulation in Istanbul on 25-28 May 2015 (see the international section below).

Last but by no means least, CEER is pleased to announce our new CEER Board, with Lord Mogg continuing at the helm as CEER President (see Press Release).

Enhancing Security of Supply

The “Energy Union”, security of supply and European gas market design top the agenda of the European Gas Regulatory (Madrid) Forum, 20-21 April. 

Full implementation of the 3rd Package and network codes

In presenting our views on security of supply (see CEER’s response to the Commission’s consultation on reviewing the Security of Supply Regulation), CEER underlines that completion of the Internal Gas Market is a crucial basis for any EU security of supply strategy.  This requires full implementation by Member States of the 3rd package legislation and of network codes (e.g. the Gas Balancing Network Code creates the right framework for the value of security of supply to be incorporated into a market-based balancing regime).

Prevent first, then mitigate
The successes of this implementation will largely determine the borderline between prevention (market-based security of supply) and mitigation (state intervention via emergency plans). CEER promotes strongly using market-based instruments as long as possible, before moving into the mitigation phase.

Regional Cooperation

For security of supply, it is important to look beyond Member States’ national boundaries. CEER advocates for closer regional cooperation as interventions in one market may affect neighbouring markets.

Increased role for the European Commission

CEER sees an extended role for the European Commission in supporting the efforts of Member States, TSOs and regulators towards cross border cooperation in security of supply when market mergers or trading regions are identified as the most cost efficient solution.

Risk assessments, preventative action plans and energy plans remain necessary in a security of supply policy. CEER proposes that the Commission develops these at EU level in coherence with de-centralised national and coordinated regional plans.

Role of Storage
CEER sees storage as having an important role in delivering security of supply. As markets across Europe are at different stages of development, CEER advocates that a pan-EU approach to storage would not be efficient.  Instead, there should be solutions tailored to the relevant market.

Public Consultations & Events

Visit our website to be updated on our future consultations and events.


• CEER Advice on Customer Data Management for Better Retail Market Functioning 

Press Releases
• Energy regulators’ strategy to strengthen the position of consumers welcomed by EU Consumer Body, BEUC (12 March 2015)

• Lord Mogg elected CEER President for another term (25 March 2015)

Download CEER Responses to consultation from thecross-sectoral section of our website.


The 6th World Forum on Energy Regulation, 25-28 May, Istanbul

Join CEOs from the energy industry, government and international institution officials, high-level policy makers, academics and regulators from over 60 countries during this exclusive 3-day international convention on all things related to energy markets.

A key focus is on the future prospects and challenges in the energy world, for both developed and developing countries. The programme is packed with plenary and concurrent sessions on a wide range of issues from smart grids, to attracting investments to empowering consumers and promoting security of supply. Register online at www.wfer2015.org


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