December 2011

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  Issue: December 2011

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CEER delivered on its promise to the European Commission to initiate a process of meaningful stakeholder engagement which would produce (by the end of 2011) a vision of a European Gas Target Model (GTM).  For more on what the GTM will mean in practice, see the feature article below. 

Regulators' 2011 national reports are now available, including short English-language versions. These reports are an important input into the European Commission's analysis of progress towards the EU's Internal Energy Market. 

CEER presented a joint statement (by 9 key EU energy stakeholders) on VAT fraud prevention to the EU Electricity Regulatory (Florence) Forum.  The statement is a commitment by the stakeholders to help combat VAT fraud and a call upon national tax authorities and the EU Commission to study potential long-term fiscal measures that would permanently remove the risk of VAT fraud in electricity and gas markets.


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Don't miss the 6th January close of registrations for the CEER 2012 conference. The 2 themes of the CEER conference - Energy Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency - are key elements of the Energy Roadmap 2050, just published by the European Commission. Confirmed speakers for the CEER conference include EU Commissioner Oettinger, and the Rapporteur of the Energy Efficiency Directive, Mr Claude Turmes (MEP).

Feature - Gas Target Model shows how to achieve an EU gas market by 2014

CEER has delivered to the European Commission its conceptual vision of the European Gas Target Model (GTM).  The GTM is the conclusions paper of an extensive CEER consultation process.

Walter Boltz Video on GTM

In a nutshell, the Gas Target Model rests on the following pillars:
• Well-functioning wholesale markets in all of Europe
• Connecting these functioning wholesale markets
• Secure supply patterns that ensure gas flowing to Europe
• Ensuring that economic investments take place

See 2-min video of Walter Boltz

Time frame of the Gas Target Model
The GTM, a non-binding vision which has broad stakeholder support, contains a suite of recommended steps to achieve an EU gas market by the 2014 deadline set by the European Council, as well as dealing with longer term issues.

Is the GTM about 3rd Package implementation or something more?
Full implementation of the 3rd Package (and entry-exit systems in particular) is necessary but not sufficient for a European internal gas market. Regulators consider that more may be needed to achieve the single market. This is why regulators want to review their national markets and look at what further measures could improve liquidity and integrate markets.

Well-functioning and connected wholesale markets are key
A core objective is to enable functioning wholesale markets where they do not yet exist and for these wholesale markets to be connected closely. A well-functioning wholesale gas market could be based on a series of entry-exit zones which may be national or in some cases also cross-border in scope, where there are liquid hubs so a sufficient volume of gas is traded, and a sufficient amount of trades occurs. These liquid market hubs need to be connected through sufficient interconnection.

Regulators commit to reviewing market liquidity and the degree of integration
NRAs will explore (by the end of 2012) measures to improve market liquidity and the degree of market integration. These measures may be of a national nature, but could also include joint actions with neighbouring markets, for example improving the efficiency of interconnection arrangements via implicit allocation or the creation of market areas or trading regions.

Public Consultations

CEER Draft advice on Price Comparison Tools for Consumers. Deadline: 22 December 2011
CEER draft report on implications of non-harmonised renewable support schemes, Deadline: 6 January 2012


Register by 6th January for the CEER Conference on Energy Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency, 25 January 2012.


• CEER Vision for a European Gas Target Model. Conclusions Paper. Ref. C11-GWG-82-03, 1 December 2011 (and accompanying Summary of Responses) 
• Regulators' 2011 National Reports (including summary versions in English) 
Video Press Release: Gas Target Model shows how to achieve an EU gas market by 2014 (15 December 2011)
Joint Statement on VAT fraud prevention in the electricity and gas sector (by 9 key EU energy stakeholders), 6 December 2011


Register for the Fifth World Forum on Energy Regulation (WFERV), 13-16 May 2012. 


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