December 2012

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  Issue: December 2012

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2 weeks after the European Commission published its Internal Energy Market Communication, regulators presented their detailed EU energy market monitoring report (see the feature article below) and the 2011 national (country) reports.

The CEER-ACER Joint Report on the Results of Monitoring the Internal Electricity and Natural Gas Markets in 2011 is one of the main topics of the CEER Annual Conference (29 Jan 2013). Join us, and Commissioner Oettinger, at our conference to discuss progress and prospects of the EU's 3 energy objectives: competitive, sustainable and secure energy. Register here.

Also published is the Evaluation of Responses to the CEER public consultation on gas incremental capacity. For the first time, a Citizens' Q&A memo accompanies the report, a practice we hope to introduce for all our CEER reports. 

ACER will hold a workshop (23 January) on Framework Guidelines on harmonised gas transmission tariffs.

Meanwhile wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

ACER-CEER Market Monitoring Report on the EU Energy Market 

On 29 November 2012, ACER and CEER presented, at an event in Brussels, their first joint annual Market Monitoring Report (see also the joint Press Release). It reports extensively on the internal energy market.
This detailed report covers 3 main areas; the electricity market; the gas market; and consumer protection and empowerment.  It examines progress made and the challenges ahead for EU gas and electricity market integration.

Main findings
The report strongly supports the findings of the European Commission, namely that much has been achieved, but more needs to be done to complete the Internal Energy Market.
The report shows that wholesale price convergence is increasing in Europe, which is an indication of greater integration. However, efforts are still needed to transfer these benefits to European energy consumers. Certain barriers were detected and measures proposed.

Reactions by Stakeholders
There was a wave of congratulations from stakeholders to the report. The Commission heralded it as making “a valuable contribution to EU policy decision-making as it brings facts and figures”. Head of the European Energy Regulators, Lord Mogg, remarked that the progress made is not self-congratulatory. Rather it is testament to the greater involvement of stakeholders. 

For further details on a particular country, see the national reports (in national languages and EN summaries).

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ACER-CEER Monitoring Report on the Internal Electricity and Natural Gas Markets
Press Release: Progress made and challenges ahead for EU gas and electricity market integration reported by ACER/CEER (PR-12-07)
• Evaluation of Responses on the CEER Consultation Market-Based Investment Procedures for Gas Infrastructure


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