December 2014

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  Issue: December 2014

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Before winding down for the holiday period, regulators and 9 other EU energy associations joined forces calling for a comprehensive implementation of the EU anti-VAT fraud package by all 28 EU Member States (see our joint press release).

CEER published a new consultation on the future role of Distribution System Operators (DSOs). Featured below, this consultation paper covers three main areas – the activities of the DSO, the DSO-TSO relationship, as well as economic signals for DSOs and customers.

Lights, camera, action! CEER is a proud partner of Greenlight for Girls, a global initiative that encourages girls to take up science and technology subjects. Check out the girl power behind our energy video made during the Brussels Greenlight for Girls Day, 29 November 2014.

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s coming up in early 2015:
•    ACER Gas Target Model workshop, 16/01/2015
•    CEER 2015 Work Programme will be published
•    CEER Status Review of Renewable and Energy Efficiency Support Schemes
•    CEER 2015 Annual Conference (29/01/2015). Sorry, we are fully booked! But there will be live tweets on the day and proceedings will be made available afterwards.

Wishing all our readers a warm Christmas and a peaceful 2015






 The future role of Distribution System Operators?

CEER committed, in its 2014 work programme to analyse areas where we believe there will be significant change which will impact on the regulation of the energy sector. In 2014, we examined the developing role of DSOs (in both gas and electricity sectors).

What’s in the DSO consultation paper?
The document is divided into 3 main chapters:
1.    The role of the DSO and need for regulatory oversight: this chapter examines the existing and future activities of the DSO, its core role, the facilitation of new markets and services, and areas where there is a need for further regulatory control. 

2.    DSO-TSO relationship and responsibilities: this chapter discusses the increasing involvement of DSOs in system operation with increased local generation and demand side response, and the implications for the relationship between Transmission System Operators and Distribution System Operators.

3.    Economic signals for DSOs and customers: chapter 3 focuses on regulatory incentives to help bring about the changes needed, including some examples of how regulators are already doing this.
In this consultation paper, CEER has assumed that all DSOs are fully compliant with the unbundling requirements set out in the 3rd package directives.  The paper builds upon the commitments made by regulators in the ACER Bridge to 2025 paper.

Through this consultation, CEER invites stakeholder reactions to a number of specific questions. Our consultation paper considers different regulatory tools to reflect the current differences in activity profiles, unbundling and structural and technical issues.  It does not seek to impose a single regulatory solution for DSOs across Europe. To access the public consultation, please click here.

Next Steps
The public consultation will run (for 8+ weeks) until 27 February 2015. Afterwards, CEER will prepare an evaluation of responses, will organise a public workshop to complement the public consultation and will draft a final report to take forward actions in the CEER 2015 work programme.

Public Consultations & Events

The future role of DSOs (deadline: 27/02/2015)
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Press Releases:
• 10 European gas & electricity associations call for a comprehensive implementation of the EU anti-VAT fraud package by all 28 Member States (27 November 2014)


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