February 2013

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  Issue: February 2013

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This month's feature is on tributes paid by 2 EU Commissioners to CEER's work at our 2013 Conference. Held on a wet January (29th) day, spirits were far from dampened by the relentless rain. Crowds packed into the magnificent Musée du Cinquantenaire Brussels for a fascinating debate on Europe’s 3 energy goals, sustainability, competitiveness and security of supply. 

The EU Institutions were strongly represented with 2 EU Commissioners and several top speakers from DG ENER, the Irish Presidency and MEP Karins all delving deep into the energy debate.

Calling CEER a “veteran of regulators", EU Energy Commissioner, Mr Oettinger, acknowledged that CEER “offers invaluable input to the political work of the European Commission".

EU Consumer Commissioner, Mr Borg, praised CEER’s work on consumer issues and announced that he would showcase the energy regulators as a good example for other sectors in a (March 2013) workshop on effective enforcement. For more (including a short video, links to presentations and speeches) see the Feature article below.

See the international section for our latest efforts (in Mexico) to share best regulatory practices and a short paper on CEER's international activities.

Mr Oettinger pays tribute to CEER's invaluable input to the work of the European Commission

The CEER 2013 conference had dedicated sessions on each of the EU energy goals: competition; sustainability; and security of supply.  A recurring theme throughout the day-long debate was the need to deliver benefits to consumers.

In his opening remarks at the CEER 2013 Conference, Commissioner Oettinger expressed his delight that the CEER annual conference “puts the spotlight on regulators as facilitators, ensuring consumers get a good deal, helping to drive investment, supporting international collaboration and partnership.” 

Mr Oettinger hammered home 3 main messages: that the Internal Energy Market (IEM) needs action, not lip-service; that the ultimate aim of the IEM is to benefit consumers; and the need to re-think market design. There was a strong consistency in the Commissioner’s messages and those of the regulators, as we presented the findings of the ACER-CEER Market Monitoring Report.

EU Consumer Commissioner, Mr Borg, focused attention on the need for energy markets to translate into real benefits to consumers. He called for greater efforts towards delivering better deals for energy customers. He had much praise for CEER's work stating “The Commission fully acknowledges the impressive track record of the European Energy Regulators, in particular as regards consumer issues”.  He paid particular tribute to CEER for having “initiated a vision for putting energy consumers first and that this is shared by BEUC and all major private sector stakeholders.”  Announcing that as part of this year’s Consumer Summit (18-19 March), the Commission will highlight energy regulators as an example (in a dedicated workshop on enforcement), he stressed that CEER’s “keen interest in consumer affairs serves as a very good model which regulators in other sectors would be wise to follow.” 

Opening the sustainability session, the Irish Presidency outlined the Council’s (Dec 2012) Conclusions on Renewables. This paved the way for CEER to present the findings of our renewables support schemes review (launched that day), followed by a lively debate on renewables. An engaging MEP Karins opened the last session on security of supply and CEER’s international activities. Click here for presentations, speeches and some video highlights of CEER's 2013 conference.

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• CEER Status Review on renewable and energy efficiency support schemes in Europe (Ref: C12-SDE-33-03)
CEER response to the EC consultation on capacity markets
CEER's international activities - core strategy and objectives


CEER has just published its international strategy paper, outlining core principles and objectives of its international work.
Europe’s energy regulators shared experiences with their Latin American counterparts at the CEER-ARIAE roundtable in Mexico (26 27 February). Topics include promoting renewables without subsidies, regulation and innovative models (e.g. the UK’s RIIO model) in support of infrastructure development, and capacity markets. Click here for more on CEER’s international activities.


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