January 2015

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  Issue: January 2015

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What’s the best way to start 2015?

... with New Year Resolutions

Ours take the shape of our CEER 2015 Work Programme (see our Feature Article below) which shows that 2015 will be a busy year.

...with ambition

In preparation for a busy 2015, we launched (just before year end) our consultation on the future role of DSOs which (along with making retail markets work for consumers) will be a major focus of our work in 2015. We kick-start the year by addressing, at our Annual Conference (29 January) one of the big issues for 2015: energy market flexibility and demand response.


Wishing all our readers success in meeting their own New Year Resolutions.  

 CEER Work Programme 2015 predicts a busy year for regulators

We just published our 2015 work programme.

What’s in the CEER 2015 work programme?
Every year, CEER consults publicly on our work priorities for the year ahead. Following stakeholder feedback, the final CEER Work Progamme is drawn up. The CEER 2015 Work Programme sets out our priorities, individual deliverables and how stakeholders can contribute to them including through public consultations and events. For current information, check out the rolling 6-month calendar of events and consultations published on our website.

What are our priorities for 2015?

In 2015, CEER will continue to serve our members, Europe’s National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs), in fulfilling their individual European duties through spreading best regulatory practice and through our training courses.

Our Work Programme includes 15 deliverables across four main areas:

1.    Consumers and retail markets:
Consumers continue to be a priority in 2015. We are enhancing our commitment to putting consumers at the heart of EU energy policy with a specific focus on defining what characterises well-functioning retail markets and what can be done to deliver actual competition in practice. 

2.    The role of Distribution System Operators (DSOs):
Our public consultation on the future role of DSOs (
please click here, your comments are welcome by 27/02) will be the point of departure for further developing our thinking on the DSOs.

3.    New legislative/policy developments:
We are committed to serving as a valued partner for the EU Institutions in their shaping of EU energy policy and legislative proposals.

4.    International relations:
Our international activities are focused on where CEER can add value beyond that which can be achieved through the efforts of individual NRAs. Our work contributes to extending the EU’s energy acquis beyond the EU’s borders, to energy security and the exchange of best regulatory practice.  Strengthening CEER cooperation at global level will continue to be a priority as the European Commission’s concept of a European “Energy Union” is defined and takes shape.

We look forward to continued good relations with the EU Institutions all energy stakeholders as we embark upon our 2015 resolutions.

Public Consultations & Events

The future role of DSOs (deadline: 27/02/2015)

Visit our website to be updated on our future consultations and events.


CEER 2015 Work Programme


Save the date (25-28 May 2015) for the 6th World Forum on Energy Regulation, Istanbul.
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