July/August 2016

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  Issue: July/August  2016

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This summer time newsletter shows (once again) how central consumers are to regulators’ work. Ahead of our Customer Conference (11 July), we published a report on commercial barriers to supplier switching. The event was the occasion to launch CEER’s new Partnership for the Enforcement of Energy Rights (PEER) initiative. PEER promotes a cross-sectoral, cross-authority form of cooperation at EU level on energy consumer issues, to help protect consumer interests (see our feature below).

We have 3 public consultations open on: LNG (deadline: 29 July); the CEER 2017 Work Programme (deadline: 31 July); and on retail market metrics (deadline: 19 September).
That’s all for our summer musings. For great summer time reading on regulatory issues check out the ICER Chronicle (see international section below). Our next update will be in September.

Feature: CEER promotes cross-authority cooperation on consumer issues

Two latest CEER publications illustrate how CEER works to develop competitive retail markets that benefit consumers.

CEER identifies commercial barriers to switching
The CEER report on commercial barriers to switching identifies perceived and actual commercial barriers to switching and encourages the removal of switching barriers so that consumers can engage and exert their choice. 

Harmonised definitions of retail metrics
CEER is currently consulting on its draft handbook on harmonised definitions of retail market metrics which provides a guide for national regulators to evaluate the performance of their national retail energy markets though common retail market metrics.

Listening to consumers
Furthermore, CEER’s dedicated annual customer conference provides a platform for consumer body engagement on EU energy market issues. The recent 2016 customer conference, opened by European Commission Vice President Maroš Šefčovič, focused on consumers as key energy market players. The conference highlighted that informed and active consumers are key to a successful energy transition. Consumer bodies testimonials and the European Commission’s Consumer Market Scoreboard findings for energy markets set the scene to discuss the themes of listening to consumers, empowering consumers and engaging consumers.

CEER promotes multi-sectoral, cross-authority cooperation to advance EU goals

CEER's new Partnership for the Enforcement of Energy Rights (PEER) initiative to enhance multi-sectoral, cross-authority collaboration to help protect consumers in the new energy transition in a digital world was warmly welcomed. Our PEER initiative, which promotes a cross-sectoral, cross-authority form of cooperation at EU level, recognises the need for more inter-authority cooperation on issues such as smart meters, the Internet of Things, data privacy, data protection and Alternative Dispute Resolution. CEER stands ready to lead the way in developing cooperation with mandated authorities such as consumer protection agencies, ombudsmen and data protection authorities which will help protect consumers.

European Commission Vice President, Mr Šefčovič welcomed CEER's PEER initiative saying “cross-sectoral, cross-authority cooperation will help deliver the Energy Union and the Digital Single Market" (see CEER Press Release).

We very much welcome your feedback (to the 2017 work programme consultation) on what our priorities should be in 2017.

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•    CEER report on commercial barriers to switching in EU retail energy markets
CEER public consultation on draft handbook of harmonised definitions of retail market metrics


Reliability, data exchanges or Regulatory Impact Assessments are the focus of just some of the articles in the latest ICER Chronicle.

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