September 2011

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  Issue: September 2011

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Feature - CEER's 2012 work programme priorities

CEER is publicly consulting on its draft work programme for 2012. It provides an overview of the activities of the European Energy Regulators listing deliverables which will be carried over into 2012 as well as the new 2012 deliverables. As well as the CEER deliverables, it gives an indication of the broad areas that ACER is expected focus upon. However, the definitive standalone ACER work programme will not be published until its formal submission to the EU Commission, Parliament and Council (possibly later this month).

What are ACER’s expected priorities?
ACER’s 2012 priorities are expected to be set against the key objective of completing the Internal Energy Market (IEM) by 2014, the target set by the European Council in February 2011.
These are likely to include:
• Developing framework guidelines for network codes in the areas defined by the European Commission, as they are in the critical path for the completion of the IEM;
• Verifying the compliance of network codes developed by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) and for gas (ENTSOG) with the corresponding framework guidelines;
• Providing opinions and recommendations on the EU-wide Ten-Year Network Development Plans and the national development plans, as greater cross-border capacity is key for a true IEM;
• Monitoring the development of the IEM, including on Regional Initiatives.

What are CEER’s priorities?
CEER’s 2012 work priorities will focus on four core areas:
• Market development consistent with the objectives of an Internal Energy Market by 2014;
• Further development of the regulatory framework;
• Monitoring markets and implementation; and
• International cooperation and dialogue.

CEER’s work in no way duplicates that of ACER. On the contrary, CEER provides significant support to ACER (whose seat is in Ljubljana, Slovenia) and close links between ACER and CEER ensure consistency in their respective areas of activity and enable ACER to harness the benefit of a network of experts from the NRAs whose cooperation at European level has been cultivated for more than a decade by CEER.

What are we consulting upon?
Regulators are keen to focus on those issues having been prioritised not only by the regulators but also by stakeholders. This is why there is a dedicated chapter in the draft work programme on the proposed new 2012 CEER activities upon which we are consulting. Stakeholders are invited to participate in the public consultation via a dedicated online questionnaire on the CEER website. The deadline for comments is 7 November 2011.

Public Consultations

NEW: CEER's 2012 Work Programme. Deadline: 07 November 2011
CEER Vision for a European Gas Target Model. Deadline: 20 September 2011
Coming soon: CEER draft report on implications of non-harmonised renewable support schemes, October - November 2011


• CEER hearing on draft Guidelines of Good Practice on Retail market design, 6 October 2011, Brussels


Amendment of GGP for gas storage system operators. Ref. C11-GST-15-03, 14 July 2011
Status Review of Regulatory approaches to smart electricity grids, Ref. C11-EQS-45-04, 5 July 2011 to be published


Registration is now open for the Fifth World Forum on Energy Regulation (WFERV). This major 3-day conference (held only once every 3-years) takes place in Quebec City, Canada from 13-16 May, 2012.


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