September 2014

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  Issue: September 2014

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This September newsletter previews CEER’s current work and a series of not-to-be-missed upcoming events.

But hurry if you are looking for a seat at the ACER/CEER (23 September) event to launch the Bridge to 2025 Conclusions Paper. Register here.

Preparations are underway for the next EU regulatory fora in gas (the "Madrid Forum" and in electricity  ("Florence Forum").

Should you wish to contribute to an online regulatory publication with a genuinely global reach, don’t miss the 1st October deadline to submit your article for the next edition of the ICER Chronicle (see International Section below).

Autumn Preview – what’s happening

The European Commission has announced (see their Press Release) the long-awaited news of the portfolios of Commissioners-designates. Ms Alenka Bratušek (Slovenia) is to be the Commission Vice President for Energy Union and Mr Miguel Arias Cañete (Spain) is to be the Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy.
Regulators will build and strengthen relations with the Commissioners' cabinets and of course with the recently elected Members of the European Parliament. One way we engage in dialogue with stakeholders more generally is through our many events.  Here’s a glimpse of what’s coming up in Brussels in the next few weeks.

Energy Regulation: A Bridge to 2025 event
An event not to be missed is the ACER/CEER 23 September event, in Brussels, to present the “Bridge to 2025” Conclusions Paper. This ACER Conclusions Paper, which is the result of extensive public consultation, identifies the trends foreseen in the ten-year period to 2025 and proposes a set of actions for regulators, Member States, European Commission and energy actors (including consumers).
The initiatives in the Bridge Paper will be developed in the respective work programmes of ACER and CEER. Many thanks to those of you who submitted feedback during the summer to our consultation on our draft 2015 CEER work programme. It is being finalised for publication before year end.

Data Management for Better Retail Market Functioning
On 22 September is CEER’s public hearing on data management for better retail market functioning

Green Electricity and 2020 Customer Vision

Upcoming events in October include CEER's public hearing on “Green Electricity" (7 October 2014) and two closed events (by invitation only) on customer issues, one with the European Commisison and regulators from the Energy Community, another with supporters of the CEER 2020 Customer Vision.
During the Green Electricity public hearing, CEER will present the initial results of its public consultation on how to make the disclosure of how electricity is produced (often called its ‘origin’) more transparent, resistant to fraud, reliable and consistent. This event will be helpful in providing further input from stakeholders, before we finalise our advice.

ACER/CEER Market Monitoring Report

In October will also have a launch event for our annual market monitoring report on the results of monitoring the internal electricity and gas market (22 October 2014). It presents our analysis of the progress towards Third Package implementation and the completion of the Internal Energy Market.

As well as our own events, regulators are also preparing for the European Commission's bi-annual EU Gas Regulatory Forum, 14-15 October in Madrid and the EU Electricity Regulatory Forum, 27-28 November in Florence.

Public Consultations & Events

Visit our website to be updated on our future consultations and events.


• CEER Memo on the development and regulation of electricity storage applications.
• CEER Memo on the unbundling of TSOs, DSOs and Closed Distribution Systems Operators (Ref: C14-IBM-61-03).
• Coming soon: CEER Advice on the quality of electricity and gas distribution (Ref: C14-RMF-62-04)


The International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER) has launched a call for articles for its online publication, the ICER Chronicle. The Chronicle promotes ICER’s goal of enhancing regulatory knowledge around the world. 

The call for article is open to regulators, academia, industry, consultants and others (such as consumer groups). For more information, click here.

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