CEER 2014 Annual Conference

22 January 2014, Brussels


The 2014 CEER Annual Conference took place on Wednesday 22 January at the Palais des Académies in Brussels (rue Ducale 1, 1000 Brussels).

The central theme of the 2014 Annual Conference was bringing the EU Internal Energy Market (IEM) home to consumers.

The morning session consisted of a high level discussion on whether the pieces are in place for the IEM to deliver benefits.

Focusing on our central theme of bringing the IEM home to consumers, the day also included panel debates on the future role of the Distribution System Operator and on demand-side participation in the market.

These two areas have been identified in CEER’s 2014 Work Programme as critically important horizon issues that stand to have a significant impact on energy regulation.

The Agenda for the 2014 CEER Annual Conference can be found here.

On the occasion of the Conference, CEER issued a press release.

Programme & Attendees

CEER 2014 Annual Conference - programme


Are the pieces in place for the Internal Energy Market to deliver benefits?
Presentation by the CEER President

Demand Response: A Sustainable Win-Win for All
Presentation by Mr Jan Panek, Head of Unit B3: Retail Markets, DG ENER (European Commission)