CEER Workshop on Local communities: delivering the Energy Union
17 June 2015, European Commission Charlemagne Buidling - Jenkins room
(Rue de la Loi 170, 1049 Brussels)

Workshop information

This workshop brought together the industry, policy makers and community representatives for a productive discussion on making local energy projects happen, and how these initiatives contribute to the overall vision of the Energy Union. There is increasing interest from local communities in both generating and supplying energy. These initiatives can further the transition to a low carbon energy system, help build consumer engagement and trust, and provide a potentially valuable source of flexibility in the market. There are also examples of how local energy projects can lead to job creation and economic growth.

In this workshop, the regulator’s perspective on the growing trend towards local energy was set out; it explored the drivers, benefits and practicalities from a civic perspective; and discussed the system implications of integrating local developments; all with the aim of contributing to the overall vision of the Energy Union and achieving the EU's energy targets.

Regulators wish to harness expertise and lessons learned from existing projects in order to empower other communities to do the same. From this workshop, CEER will consider further ways to facilitate the emergence of local and community energy initiatives. This first important step will allow regulators to test their emerging thinking and build a network of relevant stakeholders.

Format: panel with 4 panelists (CEER, industry, local initiatives) and 1 moderator (from CEER)

Target audience: Member States, policy makers, consumer organisations, DSOs, TSOs, local communities, municipal / civic authorities and governments.

Presentations from the workshop are available below.


James Luger - CEER

Natasha Smith - OFGEM

Michael Klinkenberg - EUROCITIES

Inete Ielite - Step-Up Smart Cities

Carmen Gimeno - GEODE