CEER Workshop on Smartgrids

Brussels, 29 June 2009


Workshop Agenda

Presentation by Mr. Manuel Sanchez Jimenez, European Commission

Task Force for the implementation of Smart Grids. Outline concept and tentative structure

Presentation by Mr. Gunnar Lorenz, Eurelectric

Regulatory framework to incentivise Smart Grids deployment - EURELECTRIC views

Presentation by Mr. Paul Gardner, Garrad Hassam

Smart Grids: The case of wind power

Presentation by Mr. Martin Scheepers, ECN

The case of distributed generation

Presentation by Mr. Pedro Rocha

InovServices A strategy for energy services in SmartGrid projects Towards a Low Carbon Economy

Presentation by Mr. Andreas Luxa, Siemens

Practical Experiences with Smart Grid Deployment

Presentation by Mr. Andreas Lugmaier, Austrian Smart Grids platform

National Technology Platform Smart Grids Austria

Presentation by Mr. Ronnie Belmans, Catholic University of Leuven

SmartGrids A Vision For Intelligent Electrical Grids Serving the Energy User