30. Mar

CEER Annual Conference 2021 - Dynamic Regulation in Practice

  •  30. March 2021 - 30. March 2021
  •  13:00‐ 15:30
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The CEER 2021 Annual Conference represents one of our flagship events of the year and usually takes place at the beginning of the year.

This year is the last year of our 3D Strategy, therefore the overall focus of the event is on the last “D” Dynamic Regulation. The dynamic regulation naturally ties in the two sessions:

Session one  developed around the topic of the pandemic's effects on the energy sector.

Session two showed another aspect of dynamic regulation, demonstrating how NRAs adapted and evolved with regard to regulatory frameworks that fit the energy sector transition.

Please check the conference programme and the speakers of the event on the right navigation menu.

Slides for part 1 of the conference

Slides for part 2 of the conference