Electricity Working Group (EWG)


The Electricity Working Group (EWG) covers all topics related to the wholesale electricity markets. 

Certain issues are discussed annually or bi-annually, such as renewable energy support schemes and regulatory frameworks. Other areas where the EWG is focusing on in 2023 are tendering procedures to determine the level of support for renewables, existing and unsupported renewables, the impact of high market prices on support schemes, cost-efficiency benchmarking for TSOs, and electricity market design.
The EWG has four work streams:

  • Renewables (RES): responsible for issues related to renewable energy;
  • Future Policy (FP): responsible for market design issues and related policy initiatives;
  • Incentives Regulation and Efficiency Benchmarking (IRB): responsible for issues related to incentives regulation, analysing the European regulatory frameworks and TSO cost-efficiency benchmarking; and
  • Infrastructure (INF): responsible for infrastructure and network planning issues.

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