E10-PC-57: Draft European Energy Regulators 2011 Work Programme



Draft European Energy Regulators 2011 Work Programme

Following the appreciation expressed by stakeholders in 2010 for the first ever public consultation on the European energy regulators’ work programme, CEER has decided to repeat the exercise for 2011 and to seek the views of stakeholders on the proposed range and detail of work in 2011.

The year ahead will be a year of transition for the European energy regulators in cooperation with the newly established ACER. In building up the Agency, the European energy regulators will continue their voluntary cooperation on energy issues through CEER and will provide input to the European Commission and ACER not only on institutional, practical and organisational challenges but also on the preparatory work on framework guidelines (which set the scope for EU-wide network codes in 12 different areas).

The purpose of the public consultation is to increase transparency and to provide us with valuable feedback from stakeholders.

Stakeholders were invited to participate in the public consultation via a dedicated online questionnaire in this section of the CEER website. A list of all parties that have indicated an interest in participating in the consultation on the tab "accredited logins".

The public consultation period had been extended by a couple of days upon request from stakeholders but was closed definitively on 15 November in the morning.

Following the public consultation period, CEER will elaborate an evaluation of comments and publish all comments received from stakeholders. Any particular question(s) can be marked as confidential by way of a select box beneath each question.

Any questions on this consultation should in the first instance be directed to:

Mrs. Fay Geitona
CEER Secretary General
Email: fay.geitona@ceer.eu
Tel. +32 2 788 73 30
Fax +32 2 788 73 50


Consultation Documents

Draft European Energy Regulators’ 2011 Work Programme

Final European Energy Regulators' 2011 Work Programme, 7 December 2010

European Energy Regulators’ 2011 Work Programme - Evaluation of Responses, 7 December 2010

Public Responses

Results report

Results report

Below, you can find the answers to the Work Programme 2011 Public Consultation structured by users. Click on the Group name PC-57 WP2011 to display the list of logins. Then click on a login name to display the results.

Please note that this report is only visible for CEER and ERGEG members. It does not mark "confidential answers" as such - please keep this in mind when using the data.