6th EU-US Energy Regulators Roundtable
Athens, 5-6 December 2007


List of participants

Closing statement

The European Commission’s legislative proposals (3rd Package): Regulators’ view
Mr José Braz, ERSE

The State of Energy Regulation in the United States
Mr Sam J. Ervin, IV, North Carolina Utilities Commission

Regional Electricity Markets in the U.S.: The RTO Model
Mr Joseph T. Kelliher, FERC

The Concept of an Independent Regulator
Mr Peter Plug, DTe

The RTO Model: Independent System Operator of New England
Mr James Y. Kerr, II, North Carolina Utilities Commission

State of Play of the ERGEG Regional Initiatives
Mr David Halldearn, Ofgem

Update on SEE and the role of the ECRB
Mr Michael Caramanis, RAE

ERRA's Role in Regional Market Building
Mr Gábor Szörényi, ERRA

Regional Electricity Markets in the United States
Mr James Y. Kerr, II, North Carolina Utilities Commission

Critical Utility Infrastructures: The U.S. Experience
Mr Robert M. Clayton III, Missouri Public Service Commission

International Regulatory Cooperation: The European Approach
Jacques-André Troesch, CRE

The Regulator and New LNG Facilities in the U.S.
Mr J. Mark Robinson, FERC

The ERGEG work on storage and LNG
Mr Raul Yunta Huete, CNE

State and Regional Energy Regulatory Responses to Climate Change
Mr David Coen, NARUC

Effective Regulation and Unbundling - an introduction
Sir John Mogg, CEER

Effective Regulation and Unbundling
Mrs Marsha Smith, NARUC

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