9th EU-US Energy Regulators Roundtable
Chicago, 3-4 October 2011

Closing statement


List of participants

Transmission planning and regional cooperation: issues and actions in the U.S.
Mr Eric Callisto, PSC of Wisconsin

Cross border infrastructure and investments in the EU
Mr Alberto Pototschnig, ACER

Grid modernisation: keeping the focus on consumers
Mr Tony Clark, NARUC

Integration of electric vehicles in smart distribution grids: regulatory issues
Mr Tomas Gomez, CNE

New energy regulation in Europe - REMIT: started with a bang! ended with a whimper?
Mr Johannes Kindler, CEER

Approaches to market oversight
Mr Steve Reich, FERC

Interconnecting consumers and utilities
Mr David Coen, Vermont Public Service Board

What is the role of regulators in balancing consumer protection and energy infrastructure needs?
Mr Gabor Szorenyi, ERRA

How shale gas has changed the outlook for LNG and nuclear plants after the Fukushima disaster
Mr Colette Honorable, Arkansas Public Service Commission

The role of regulators in relation to the generation fuel mix
Mr Peter Plug, CEER

Climate change and energy efficiency policies
Mr Doug Scott, Illinois Commerce Commission

Climate change and energy efficiency policies
Mr Philip Jones, Washington UTC

Climate change and energy efficiency policies: a European regulator's perspective
Mrs Valeria Termini, AEEG

EU energy policies related to climate change: roles of regulators in promoting renewable energy
Mrs Karin Widegren, CEER

Report: Grid modernisation issues with a focus on consumers
Critical consumer issues forum