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March 2022 Newsletter 

CCC2022 brings together regulators, policy makers and consumers for open and lively discussions on ways forward

The CEER Customer Conference 2022 was held on 23 March and gathered more than 200 participants in a limited hybrid format (Brussels and online) under the theme "Survival 101! The energy price spikes and the Green Transition – Empowering consumers".

Focusing on how to empower consumers to navigate the energy market and play an active role in the Green Transition, the conference came in a timely fashion as Europe’s energy prices continue to soar in part due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, severely impacting both household energy consumers and businesses alike.

In case you missed if, you can
watch the conference on CEER's YouTube channel.
Policy and energy experts talk at the CEER Customer Conference 2022. See our photo gallery
The view from the Market Integrity and Transparency Working Group

In recent years, the CEER Market Integrity and Transparency Working Group (CMIT WG) has been involved in the full implementation of Regulation EU No 1227/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency (REMIT).

The aim of REMIT is to ensure that: consumers and other market participants can have confidence in the integrity of electricity and gas markets; prices set on wholesale energy markets reflect a fair and competitive interplay between supply and demand; and no profits can be drawn from market manipulation or insider trading. To achieve this, energy regulators play a key role by monitoring wholesale energy markets at regional level and ensuring that prohibitions against market manipulation or insider trading are enforced and infringements sanctioned.

In this regard, the CMIT WG serves as a forum for exchanging experiences and best practices among National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs), not only to ensure the well-functioning of the internal energy market but also the effective implementation and enforcement of REMIT. How energy regulators are organised to deal with REMIT tasks and the sanctioning powers established at national level to investigate, enforce and sanction REMIT breaches are the types of things shared as examples of good practices among NRAs and compiled in a survey on the national implementation each year.

Furthermore, wholesale energy markets encompass both commodity and derivative markets, which implies a link between REMIT and financial regulation, since some of the contracts traded on wholesale energy markets are financial products. Hence, price formation in both energy and financial markets is interlinked. In this regard, the cooperation between NRAs and competent financial authorities of the Member States is laid down in REMIT, since this is key to ensure a coordinated and consistent approach to avoid market manipulation or insider trading on wholesale energy markets. For that matter, the CMIT WG acts as a channel to exchange views between financial and sectoral regulation.

Finally, cooperation among regulators, not only energy but financial or competition authorities as well, is essential to ensure the correct functioning of the internal energy markets, in particular, to face the current challenges in these exceptional circumstances. Hence, groups like CMIT WG are more than necessary!
In the news...
Europe’s energy regulators stand with Ukraine in power grid synchronisation with Continental Europe

On 16 March, Europe's Transmission System Operators (TSOs) completed the emergency synchronisation of the Ukrainian and Moldovan power grids with Continental Europe. In this context, Europe’s energy regulators represented by CEER and the EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER), offered support to the massive efforts to address the emergency situation in Ukraine to ensure uninterrupted and safe energy supply. Regulators remain committed to ensure security of energy supply in Europe in the coming period.
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2021 Annual Report

On 5 March, CEER released its
2021 Annual Reportthe third and last to report on the implementation of CEER's triennial 3D strategy (initiated in 2019). The report highlights some of the work achieved under the third pillar of the 3D strategy on Dynamic Regulation, including publications such as the joint ACER-CEER Market Monitoring Reports, the Regulatory Frameworks Report, and the Pan European Cost Efficiency Benchmark for Transmission System Operators, as well as the space on the CEER website dedicated to Dynamic Regulation. 

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European Sustainable Energy Week 2022

The EUSEW Policy Conference 2022 is the biggest European conference dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe. This year, the Policy Conference will be organised in a hybrid format on 26-29 September 2022. CEER is an official partner of the event. 
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