19. Apr

Public Hearing on Incentive Schemes

  •  19. April 2017 - 19. April 2017
  •  09:45‐ 16:00
  •  Cours Saint Michel 30a, Brussels 1040

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CEER's Public Hearing on “Incentives Schemes for DSOs’’ will take place at the CEER offices, in Brussels (Cours Saint Michel 30a, 1040 Brussels) on 19 April 2017.

This event complements CEER's consultation on “Incentives Schemes for regulating DSOs, including for Innovation”. The present public consultation document describes European regulators’ initial thinking on this issue. The aim is to collect feedback from stakeholders in order to define Guidelines of Good Practice (GGP) that can provide national regulatory authorities with information and examples. Those will inspire and further enable NRAs to identify regulatory models with incentive schemes that best fit the challenges of the new context in the European energy sector, taking into account also specificities of the concrete situation each NRA is facing in its own country.

Public hearing will trigger advanced discussion and more insights in each stakeholder position on the incentive schemes for DSOs.

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