EU4Energy Annual Regional Visibility Campaign 2023

To raise awareness of its programme, EU4Energy has chosen the education of youth of its programme

EU4Energy has youth education selected as the focus of its visibility campaigns and communication activities. EU4Energy campaigns and channels, sharing the knowledge and experience created by the programme’s experts with younger generations through multiple activities, channels, and materials.

Since 2021, the campaigns have mostly reached out to students – from school to university – through age-relevant comic books on energy efficiency and energy savingand the organisation of an annual educational event, the Autumn Digital EU4Energy Week for EaP Universities.

Most of these communication activities are meant to continue until the end of the programme in 2024.


Regional Training for High-level Officials of the Energy Sector

The Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER), on behalf of the European Union’s EU4Energy Phase II Programme – Promoting the Clean Energy Transition in the Eastern Partnership Countries, has held high-level energy professionals on March 13-14, 2023, to Brussels for a capacity-strengthening course that focused on the clean energy transition. Over the two-day training, energy regulators and policymakers from relevant ministries learned and exchanged views about new challenges in implementing the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package. They explored ways to accelerate cooperation within the region, including by promoting the approximation of national legislations of EaP countries with European Union (EU) requirements.

The training sessions allowed for a detailed analysis of factors influencing public and regulatory policy debate. Participants also discussed how to adapt regulatory frameworks to changes in the sector while maintaining investment certainty.

EU4Energy campaign on energy efficiency for children

Ozzy the Hamster is back for new adventures! This time, the well-known character must try to save his town from an inevitable future catastrophe caused by the irrational use of non-renewable energy sources. Exploring alternative green energy solutions, Ozzy and his friends manage to change their fate by disseminating knowledge and helping the population to change their habits.

In “Glass Globe”, the second series of the comic book featuring Ozzy the Hamster, the focus is on increasing younger generations’ understanding and knowledge about the importance of using clean energy to safeguard our planet. Renewable energy sources such as hydro power, wind and solar energy are explained in an easy and understandable language, as well as the methods through which these sources can be converted into energy. Additionally, a new Do-It-Yourself kit helps young readers acquire better practical knowledge based on the tips from the comic book.

Like “Light Bulb”, the first Ozzy comic book series, “Glass Globe”, is available in six languages and distributed at local schools across the Eastern Partnership countries as extracurricular reading material for school children. Additionally, campaigns featuring Ozzy the Hamster are launched throughout 2023 by EU Neighbours Easttargeting and engaging school children via various social media platforms and a dedicated website.

Furthermore, school activities involving workshops on renewable energies with engaging educational materials designed specifically for children have been organised in schools in Georgia, Armenia, and Moldova throughout 2023. The school activities will gradually cover all EaP countries in 2024. This approach will ensure that schoolchildren across the region benefit from the campaign, gaining a comprehensive understanding of renewable energy and its significance in mitigating climate change.

Conference on Creating a Regional Energy Market in the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood – Accelerating the clean energy transition through an interconnected energy market

The regional conference “Creating Energy Market in the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood”, organised by the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) in the framework of the EU4Energy Phase II Programme, was held on June 19, 2023, in Vienna, Austria, to facilitate experience-sharing among ministries and energy regulators both from the EU and from Eastern Partnership countries. 

The conference brought together decision-makers, regulators, and experts in the energy field to discuss the challenges and opportunities of regional integration against the background of the current energy crisis and lessons learned from the winter of 2022-23. The event allowed participants to exchange views on creating a regional energy market and address the challenges and prospects in the South Caucasus and the implications for the security of supply in the European Union and the Energy Community. 

Training on Covering Energy Issues in Media

The Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER), in the framework of the European Union’s EU4Energy Phase II Programme – Promoting the Clean Energy Transition in the Eastern Partnership Countries, has welcomed public relations specialists of the energy ministries and National Regulatory Authorities as well as journalists working on energy-related topics from the Eastern Partnership Countries on 13-14 July for a two-day training in Batumi, Georgia on Covering Energy Issues in the Media.

The training benefited participants with an enriching training experience, valuable insights into crisis communications, and formulating emergency communication strategies. Topics such as quality of service, support for vulnerable customers and the significance of renewable energy source development have been covered. The training allowed attendees to practice their newly acquired technical knowledge through engaging case-study exercises.

Additionally, CEER has designed a Guide for Communication Specialists of National Authorities and Journalists in the Energy Sector to promote communication.

Regional Training on Understanding Energy Market for Apparatus of Parliaments of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine

The Council of European Energy Regulators, in cooperation with the Energy Community Secretariat, has organised a two-day Regional Training on Understanding Energy Markets on July 28-29 within the EU4Energy Programme – Promoting the Clean Energy Transition in Eastern Partnership Countries in Batumi, Georgia. The training aimed to bring together parliament employees from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine to enhance their knowledge of the structured electricity and gas markets within the European Union. By providing comprehensive insights into the energy markets, the training gave participants the necessary expertise to shape effective energy sector policies.

Autumn Digital EU4Energy Week for Eastern Partnership Universities 2023

The EU4Energy Programme Phase II has held its third edition of the Autumn Digital EU4Energy Week for Eastern Partnership Universities on 2 -6 October 2023. The event focused on empowering youth and providing them with the insights and contacts that will help them contribute to developing the energy sector in their respective countries. Students had the opportunity to meet EU4Energy experts from various organisations, such as the Council of European Energy Regulators, the International Energy Agency, the Energy Community Secretariat, and EU4Environment. Participating students took a quiz on the topics covered as part of the event. The highest-scoring student from Azerbaijan French University was awarded the opportunity to attend the CEER Training of his choice in Brussels, Belgium.  

CEER and Energy Community Secretariat joint regional workshop on self-consumption regulation for Eastern Partnership countries

Within the framework of the EU4Energy Programme – “Promoting the Clean Energy Transition in the Eastern Partnership Countries” – the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER), in cooperation with the Energy Community Secretariat (EnCS), has conducted a two-day hybrid regional workshop on Bringing Self-Consumption Regulation of EaP Countries in Line with European Union and Energy Community Requirements on 29-30 November 2023 in Vienna, Austria.

The event brought together employees of energy regulatory authorities, agencies and line ministries from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine. The workshop focused on enhancing participants’ knowledge about EU and Energy Community requirements on self-consumption regulation, as well as contributing to the approximation of the national legislation of the EaP countries with EU and Energy Community requirements.