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This September, our focus remains on the big consumer issues.  At the CEER - Florence School of Regulation (FSR) workshop on energy poverty, we gathered experts to zone in on the energy poor. A key message from Professor Stefan Bouzarovski of the EU Energy Poverty Observatory is that energy poverty is systemic -behavioural changes at household level will not alleviate energy poverty.  Our event tackled the drivers, governments’ role and solutions to end energy poverty in Europe and worldwide (see short written highlights of the event).
Our regulators joined 2 EU Commissioners (Mr Canete and Mr Sefcovics), MEPs, academics, energy industry actors and consumers bodies in Dublin for discussion on Europe’s Clean Energy and New Deal legislative proposals at the Citizens’ Energy Forum. Previously known as the London Forum, the Dublin Forum (the move being a fall-out of Brexit) invited CEER (see the Forum conclusions) to come forward for the next annual Forum with a reflection and best practices on network tariffs. For a taste of our thinking, don’t miss our Network Tariffs workshop, 19 October.

FEATURE – Regulators’ recommendations on flexibility use at distribution level



CEER welcomed a delegation from Asia to discuss regulatory issues.


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