2. Oct

PEER Regulatory Roundtable on Bundled Products

  •  2. October 2017 - 2. October 2017
  •  13:00‐ 17:30
  •  Cours Saint Michel 30a, Brussels 1040 Meeting room: Gold

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List of Participants

PEER Bundled Products-Event Proceedings-2017-10-02

Session 2 - Philip Lewis

Session 3 - Cristina Portugal


The inaugural roundtable workshop of the Partnership for the Enforcement of European Rights (PEER): the PEER Regulatory Roundtable on Bundled Products (2 October) is a workshop to discuss the consumer-related opportunities and challenges of bundled products. The workshop focuses on three matters related to bundled products:
- bundled products as a business model;
- comparing bundled product offers; and
- addressing complaints concerning bundled products.
PEER and this workshop aims to enhance collaboration among a cross sector of authorities (including ombudsmen, sectoral regulators and consumer bodies etc.) responsible for safeguarding consumers’ rights.