14-Dec-2018 Press release: CEER Welcomes Progress in Efficiently Decarbonising Europe’s Energy System Press releases
14-Dec-2018 CEER Status Review of Renewable Support Schemes in Europe for 2016 and 2017 CEER Papers
12-Dec-2018 Press release: Energy regulators across Europe and the Eastern and Mediterranean region sign cooperation arrangement Press releases
29-Nov-2018 Press release: Energy regulators engage with consumers on how to enable digitalisation and protect consumers from its risks Press releases
29-Nov-2018 CEER November Newsletter Newsletters
26-Oct-2018 Cybersecurity Report on Europe’s Electricity and Gas Sectors CEER Papers
26-Oct-2018 CEER October Newsletter Newsletters
22-Oct-2018 Final Annual Report on the Results of Monitoring the Internal Electricity and Natural Gas Markets in 2017 National reporting 2018
22-Oct-2018 Press release: Lower wholesale energy prices translate into lower retail prices for the second year in a row Press releases
17-Oct-2018 CEER Status Review on Application of the Supply Standard Foreseen in the Gas Security of Supply Regulation CEER Papers
09-Oct-2018 CEER Key Positions on the “New Deal for Consumers”, on Proposed Directive on Better Enforcement and Modernisation of EU Consumer Protection Rules CEER Papers
27-Sep-2018 CEER September Newsletter Newsletters
20-Sep-2018 Press release: Energy regulators strengthen regulatory collaboration across sectors to better protect consumers Press releases
19-Sep-2018 Press release: Energy regulators propose a cross-sectoral Guide on Bundled Products to protect consumers Press releases
19-Sep-2018 Public consultation on the draft Guide on Bundled Products
Deadline: 14 November 2018
Public Consultations
04-Sep-2018 Press Release: Common energy sector statement on VAT fraud prevention Press releases
31-Jul-2018 CEER July and August Newsletter Newsletters
26-Jul-2018 Benchmarking Report 6.1 on the Continuity of Electricity and Gas Supply CEER Papers
17-Jul-2018 CEER Conclusions Paper on Flexibility Use at Distribution Level CEER Papers
28-Jun-2018 Press Release: European, Energy Community and Mediterranean Energy Regulators Further Intensify Cooperation Press releases
28-Jun-2018 CEER June Newsletter and GDPR rights Newsletters
18-Jun-2018 Report on tendering procedures for RES in Europe: State of play and first lessons learnt CEER Papers
05-Jun-2018 Press release: Energy regulators launch their 3D Strategy and Smart Technology report Press releases
05-Jun-2018 Public consultation on the CEER 3D Strategy and 2019 Work Programme
Deadline: 10 August 2018
Public Consultations
05-Jun-2018 Report on Smart Technology Development CEER Papers
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20-Mar-2018 The ICER Chronicle, Edition 8 ICER
06-Mar-2018 Press release: Regulators’ FROG study foresees a future role for gas Press releases
06-Mar-2018 CEER Future Role of Gas (FROG) Study CEER Papers
19-Feb-2018 Conclusions Paper on Incentives Schemes for Regulating Distribution System Operators (DSOs), including for innovation CEER Papers
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09-Feb-2018 Roadmap to 2025 Well-Functioning Retail Energy Markets CEER Papers
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