Target organisation and REMIT implementation at national level (2019)

Internal report 

27 February 2020

Today, the 2019 internal report on Target organisation and REMIT implementation at national level was uploaded to the Members' area of the website.

Contributing to the implementation of REMIT is a key focus of CEER’s Market Integrity and Transparency Working Group (MIT WG), in particular where REMIT provides a formal role for NRAs.


The CEER questionnaire that was the basis for this report focuses on organisational and human resources (HR) issues based on questions from past REMIT questionnaires. Past questions were updated and clarified in order to ascertain whether there are best practices in Europe on REMIT implementation within the NRA (how tasks are organised in-house – e.g. number and background of HR resources), as the available resources allocated to REMIT tasks may vary across countries.


This work allows NRAs to benchmark each other and provides relevant information, in the event of a REMIT case with cross-border elements, on whether an NRA is considered to be well-placed, namely, if it can practically gather, possibly with the assistance of other authorities, the evidence required to prove the infringement.


27 NRAs responded to the 2019 questionnaire (including Albania, North Macedonia and Switzerland as non-EU members and CEER Observers). With reference to Switzerland, it is noteworthy that the Swiss Federal Electricity Act is applicable, and not REMIT.


For a detailed overview of the questionnaire responses, please refer to the accompanying PPT document presenting the responses per question.


Information provided through this questionnaire is considered confidential and it is not intended to be disclosed without NRAs’ agreement.

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