CEER Status Review of Renewable Support Schemes in Europe for 2018 and 2019
28 June 2021 

Today, CEER publishes its Status Review of Renewable Support Schemes in Europe for 2018 and 2019. This report constitutes the latest update to the regular CEER Status Reviews on Renewable Energy Sources (RES) support and builds on the previous CEER reports.

The purpose of these CEER Status Review publications is to collect comparable data on support for RES in Europe in order to provide policymakers, regulators and industry participants with information on support schemes for electricity from RES. The data is provided by technology and type of instrument (e.g. Feed-in tariffs (FiTs), Feed-in premiums (FiPs) and Green Certificates (GCs)). Understanding the different approaches to RES support can help to inform and improve future support scheme designs, thereby reducing costs for consumers.

This latest RES Status Review shows that:

  • A wide range of instruments is used to promote RES, such as investment grants, FiTs, FiPs, and GCs.
  • The weighted average support for RES, on top of the wholesale price, was 99.62 €/MWh in 2018 and 97.95 €/MWh in 2019 (compared to 110.22 €/MWh in 2015 as listed in a previous report).
  • The proportion of gross electricity produced receiving RES support was on average 19% (compared to around 17% in 2016 as listed in a previous report).
  • Non-tax levies is still the most commonly used type of funding for the support schemes.
  • In terms of market integration, RES installations increasingly have the same financial responsibility as conventional plants for electricity balancing, at least above a certain threshold of capacity installed.

Please find the full report here.


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